DollMotion Unboxing: Sparkle Mouse Doll from the Netherlands!

Thank you @DollMotion ❤
See Sparkle Mouse's original video here!

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  • DollMotion
    DollMotionMonth ago

    Woow! I didn't expect an unboxing video. This was so much fun to watch!! When I was boxing the Wilhelmina mints I was like "Hmm, the packaging kinda looks like cigarettes. Nah, that's just me..." XD Haha. Yes, the Pokemon figures were doubles from my collection. Seeing Sparkle Mouse together with your dolls I know I found her the best home ever

  • Buckwheat Buckwheat

    Buckwheat Buckwheat

    7 days ago

    Dollmotion! Amazing

  • brian d

    brian d

    10 days ago

    Yes me either!

  • Yukospri


    17 days ago

    Die Albert hein papieren in de doos gaven me even een hartaanval xD

  • AliceGamer🔥👌


    Month ago

    Can you do a blue fire dragon

  • KatieBelle Karstens
    KatieBelle Karstens41 minute ago

    I would like why did you send you cigarettes And then once you sit I'm like oh hahaha!

  • Lola K
    Lola K21 hour ago

    You can buy a whole huge bag if friendly firm for like five dollars...

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara DreemurrDay ago

    Whats friendly form

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • foxxy playz
    foxxy playz4 days ago

    The evee has bangs Coz its lana's from sun and moon

  • The Joy of Creativity
    The Joy of Creativity4 days ago

    I have been watching you for ages because I find the process of making everything so interesting :) I thought that you could do a pride doll series or an androgynous doll

  • Lorean Thomas
    Lorean Thomas4 days ago

    You should make a mouse friend for her

  • Catcoster 123
    Catcoster 1236 days ago

    What about a pride month doll? Sense its pride month and all

  • Ella Taylor
    Ella Taylor8 days ago

    I am a new comer and have watched like a lot of videos of yours a bit to many but i love this!!!!

  • Fallyn Pilgrim
    Fallyn Pilgrim8 days ago

    Lol here's some music. I am a lost boy in Netherland, always hangin out with, Peter Pan~ we usually hang out in the woods

  • Femke de Vries
    Femke de Vries9 days ago


  • simply specialxx
    simply specialxx9 days ago

    If you like foreign snacks, I recommend snack crate! Its a subscription box with snacks from all over!

  • Nadia Martínez
    Nadia Martínez9 days ago

    Junpyo like Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers

  • brian d
    brian d10 days ago

    I don’t like Pokémon any more but my favorites were alohan vulpikx and eevee that’s so cute that you got them

  • cxqlley  ◡̈
    cxqlley ◡̈10 days ago

    I use to watch u all the time

  • fixy
    fixy10 days ago

    Ohh nice!! I'm form the Netherlands 😍❤️🇳🇱

  • Aaliya Patel
    Aaliya Patel11 days ago

    Can you try to make an angel 👼?

  • Martha Acero
    Martha Acero11 days ago

    Are you going to make a doll for pride month ?

  • -Xavier-
    -Xavier-11 days ago

    Ooh can you make an Angel dust doll from hazbin hotel please

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Mollylover 24
    Mollylover 2411 days ago

    I have a challenge: make a doll based off of a pair of premade inset eyes and use those eyes. I want to see how that will go

  • SkyLynn Johnson
    SkyLynn Johnson11 days ago

    Make owo cat

  • Froggie Chan
    Froggie Chan12 days ago

    Who else wants her to start selling dolls they are so pretty 😍

  • DuckDuckLover
    DuckDuckLover12 days ago

    Hi can u do a alt doll?the fasion is really cute to me!

  • f r o g g y o n l i l y p a d
    f r o g g y o n l i l y p a d12 days ago

    Pleaseeeeeee make a lesbian girl for june plz

  • battleheart precure
    battleheart precure12 days ago

    dollightful do you do Commission because I like a Commission of my oc candy

  • Ally Johnson
    Ally Johnson12 days ago

    So many pink dolls

  • Andrea Espinoza
    Andrea Espinoza12 days ago

    Hey. What if you made a cupid? But for animals? For humans it's a baby with wings. In ever after high / monster high its a teen. But what about animals? Would it be a fictional animal with angel wings or a known animal with angel wings? I would love your input.

  • Meredith Mitchell
    Meredith Mitchell13 days ago

    Hi! Do you think you’d be willing to make a doll with a mask? I’m interested to see what cute fabrics you’d use for it!

  • mythical _kitten
    mythical _kitten13 days ago

    hey you should consider puting a voteing thing up for fan sudgustons and see wich one win as for a new series

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't want to start new series. And she already has voting for Stock Box

  • josii chesser
    josii chesser13 days ago

    Okay so I came up with an idea for a new series of dolls to make if you wanted. I think the idea is really fun and inclusive, a world culture/race/ethnicity series. So in the fire dragon video (I'm pretty sure it was that one) you wanted to do Indian culture inspired but couldnt, well now you can. Research like the mythology and culture and create a doll from a person/monster in their mythology and make sure you can see their culture all throughout the doll. You would be able to do tons of dolls for all the people of the world. Idk if you would want to or even if you would see this but like its an idea. P.S. I love your vids

  • woo rikki
    woo rikki13 days ago


  • Esther McHugh
    Esther McHugh13 days ago

    I dont know where else to tell you but someone uploaded a copy of your wendigo video and I'm currently watching that video on my tv right now.. Obviously someone was not happy with you pulling down that video in respect to native people.. Maruku is the name of the channel..

  • Haley Garcia
    Haley Garcia13 days ago

    Your next doll that you do can you make it have two different colored eyes

  • xXdollyTgamingXx
    xXdollyTgamingXx13 days ago

    Dollightful please can you make me and my sister a doll

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't make real people, nor does she give/sell dolls.

  • xXdollyTgamingXx


    13 days ago

    Can you do a video if you give and make dolls

  • xXdollyTgamingXx


    13 days ago

    Please can you make me and my sister a doll just press my USplan icon pic in the comments I will upload a video on how I would like the dolls to look please to it for me and my sister please

  • xXdollyTgamingXx
    xXdollyTgamingXx13 days ago

    I would love to hug you! I’m your number 1 fan!

  • xXdollyTgamingXx


    13 days ago

    Do you make dolls for 9 year olds

  • Alirezaqaꕥ
    Alirezaqaꕥ14 days ago

    Are you gonna make another pride month doll?? :D

  • C Xin
    C Xin14 days ago

    Wendigo racist!

  • xXdollyTgamingXx
    xXdollyTgamingXx14 days ago


  • Maddie Miller
    Maddie Miller15 days ago

    Do you think you could do a video of you making an American girl sized wheelchair please?

  • Pazar Ski
    Pazar Ski15 days ago

    random question but can you make Lady Dimetrescu ?

  • Pazar Ski

    Pazar Ski

    10 days ago

    @Nemision oh alright!

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Freddie The Bunny
    Freddie The Bunny15 days ago

    Hi dollightful can you make lady dirimestricu

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Aslı Alkan
    Aslı Alkan15 days ago

    pls make lady dimitrescu plss qwq

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Gabby Smith
    Gabby Smith15 days ago

    You should make a pirate doll and use red purple blue black gold and green or pink or rainbow whatever color palette you like but maybe gold

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G16 days ago

    Idea for dollightful : Can you make a series where you make anime characters into dolls cause I really want you to make mami from one piece, I think this is to much TwT-

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • An draws
    An draws16 days ago

    Can you make a frog dress for a doll

  • Cole hawkins
    Cole hawkins17 days ago

    I have a question how would you feel maki g a hisoka doll?

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • sephatis hoaglin
    sephatis hoaglin17 days ago

    You should do a doll for pride month

  • Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2
    Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 217 days ago

    It’s My birthday

  • 向日葵ふわふわ
    向日葵ふわふわ18 days ago

    Who else is sitting at the kitchen counter watching this while eating some breakfast?

  • Margie Pursel
    Margie Pursel18 days ago

    Woo whoo 5th girl on my spin the weel zrt game thing I'm bored okay (shoutout)

  • Margie Pursel

    Margie Pursel

    18 days ago

    Go look at kikkibloodless i know her and her art is really good im following her foot steps slowly

  • Kasumi Bakugo
    Kasumi Bakugo18 days ago

    Can you make a Lady Dimitrescu doll?

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Stephanie z
    Stephanie z19 days ago

    pikachu doll

  • Im_The_TrashMan
    Im_The_TrashMan19 days ago

    Tbh id love to see a resident evil 8 series, like i think she would absolutely kill it! Keep u the good work. I love watching your videos☺

  • Family Creller
    Family Creller20 days ago

    What does she say at the very beginning when she's greeting us?

  • Zalzaala


    16 days ago

    she says annyeong

  • Kyleigh Mills
    Kyleigh Mills20 days ago

    The next doll you should do is Lady Dimitrescu-

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • £_Froyo_£
    £_Froyo_£20 days ago

    You should do zodiacs as dolls

  • £_Froyo_£


    10 days ago


  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She said in her q+a that she's not interested in making the zodiacs.

  • iona brown
    iona brown21 day ago

    yo can you make a Greek mythology doll series I think it would be super cool

  • Saffron Leriger
    Saffron Leriger22 days ago

    wow, I didn't thank that was going to be so fast!

  • Sophie Damianakos
    Sophie Damianakos22 days ago

    that doll is soooo pretty dollmotion did a great job on her

  • Anne Turner
    Anne Turner22 days ago

    Do you do shout outs

  • Nemision


    10 days ago


  • Daeking 2110
    Daeking 211022 days ago

    Use a omg lol doll plz

  • White Diamond
    White Diamond23 days ago

    Why are the comments and like to dislike ratio turned off on your Wendigo doll apology video?

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    Because people are going to complain about her removing it.

  • Art by Tone Tone Tony
    Art by Tone Tone Tony23 days ago

    Guysss Imagine Katherine creating a Lady Dimitrescu doll......... with the bigger dolls like Monster High, etc 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters though

  • Liviqueen12
    Liviqueen1223 days ago

    So Dutch

  • ᄋ2동0
    ᄋ2동023 days ago


  • Just Roach Tings
    Just Roach Tings24 days ago

    you should try making a doll of a valorant character, id suggest omen, cypher or yoru because of how cool they look in my opinion.

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Earl Morrow II
    Earl Morrow II24 days ago

    My name is Layla and I want to know how y'all make them dolls cuz I have a broken leg and I can't do anything

  • Earl Morrow II

    Earl Morrow II

    24 days ago

    😍 I love them they're so cute

  • Earl Morrow II

    Earl Morrow II

    24 days ago


  • Jakaylee Brown
    Jakaylee Brown24 days ago

    Please make one more dragon I'm a new subscriber and I already love my favorite doll I have watched you make do far is Aurora the dragon I love everything about her

  • Natalie Daley
    Natalie Daley24 days ago

    Dollightful, you should do a zodiac collection of dolls so each one is a different zodiac!

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She has said that she won't be making zodiacs.

  • Sineara Patterson
    Sineara Patterson24 days ago

    Sorry if im late but if u could do some male dolls to challenge yourself but each one is a different season plus every person who does dolls do women and never i wanna see more men dolls 💖😂

  • Sineara Patterson

    Sineara Patterson

    10 days ago

    @Nemision okay thank u

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't really like making boys

  • Not a dog
    Not a dog24 days ago

    안녕 Dollightful! I had an idea for you. What if you made dolls based on the Seven Deadly Sins? Or maybe the 12 Zodiac signs? I thought these would make for pretty fun projects! Of course, do it at your own will (and sanity)

  • Greene Horse
    Greene Horse25 days ago

    PLEASE READ!! I have an idea for a doll series!! The element dolls! In the series you could make dolls with different physical attributes like a textured doll with textured skin and fur idk just a doll with many textures lol. Or a color doll with a wonderful variety of colors! Or you could make a doll series full of dolls that resemble snacks like a popcorn doll or a gum doll!!

  • •pink_ Kat•
    •pink_ Kat•25 days ago

    Jaaaas strop wafels!!! Zo leker

  • Isabella Strand
    Isabella Strand25 days ago

    I love unboxing's videos

  • Rochelle ledubua
    Rochelle ledubua25 days ago

    you are very talented😍😍😍. why don't you repaint LOL Omg dolls?🤔🤗

  • Chaotic_Coffee_Addict _
    Chaotic_Coffee_Addict _25 days ago

    I've been wanting to make a doll from scratch and plan on using apoxie sculpt and when looking at the reviews on Amazon I found yours 😂

  • jaisculley
    jaisculley25 days ago

    You should make a lolly doll 😉🥺 pleaseeeeee

  • Avatar Roque
    Avatar Roque25 days ago

    Have you tried a gelfling repaint before?

  • Cherry Cotton ow0
    Cherry Cotton ow026 days ago

    The Eevee with bangs is Lana's Eevee, named Sandy from the Anime.

  • Artic Wood Studio
    Artic Wood Studio26 days ago

    Uh hi. I just watched your pride doll video yesterday and I was wondering if for pride month this year, if you could make a trans doll. I mean like inspired by the trans flag. You don’t have too I just thought I would give a shot asking. Anyways I really like how creative the dolls you make are!

  • Bee- Lily
    Bee- Lily26 days ago

    Omg she used a box im dead 😂 Ps im Dutch l

  • {} !! Melanie and Kiwi !! {}
    {} !! Melanie and Kiwi !! {}26 days ago

    I'm actually Dutch So I understand every Dutch word in this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michelle Stettler-Gill
    Michelle Stettler-Gill26 days ago

    Can you please make a bottom heavy doll? 😄

  • •{Tokyo Sakura}•
    •{Tokyo Sakura}•27 days ago

    Ok I am Dutch and I raged when she said stoopfuall waffle not Stoffel Waffle

  • brenda churchwell
    brenda churchwell27 days ago

    Do you make the dolls and sell them

  • Nemision


    10 days ago


  • Stitches
    Stitches27 days ago


  • sunshine_pug_14
    sunshine_pug_1427 days ago

    Hey I’m reaching out to you because I have some doll bodies. that I don’t want anymore and I thought about you and all the dolls that you make. so I guess I’m asking if you want them or not. I already reached out to you on Insta oh and I love your videos

  • Frank D
    Frank D27 days ago

    Please make a custom doll of my favorite capcom Darkstalkers character named Felicia the Catlady please

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • Janina Char
    Janina Char28 days ago


  • Socks Valentine
    Socks Valentine28 days ago

    Oh my gosh, you got so much amazing stuff! I hope it all brings you joy! I will be over here hoping for a box of joy too, ahahah.

  • Charlie's Collectable Dolls
    Charlie's Collectable Dolls28 days ago

    Sparkle Mouse ❤️

  • Jen Cain
    Jen Cain28 days ago

    Hey um I have an idea for a new project I mean by a new set of dolls to recreate so I hope you'll use my idea of creating a zodiac sign playlist with you recreating dolls to make them look like the zodiac signs.

  • Jen Cain

    Jen Cain

    10 days ago

    @Nemision oh...sorry I didn't know... 😓

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She has said that she doesn't want to make zodiacs

  • Angela Du
    Angela Du28 days ago

    DO a unicorn princess!!!!!!!! please please please

  • Sleeping Ramune Candy
    Sleeping Ramune Candy28 days ago

    Can you do an Inteleon doll repaint please please.🥺🙏🤞🎨💙🦎

  • Christy Price
    Christy Price29 days ago

    I love it!!!

  • lea chen
    lea chen29 days ago

    Can you use powder paint on dolls?

  • Ava Neath
    Ava Neath29 days ago

    Can you please do a phantom of the opera doll. ( any character would be fine);>

  • Peachez_201 Child of God
    Peachez_201 Child of God29 days ago

    and make more dragons

  • Ziva Hockley
    Ziva Hockley29 days ago

    You could make a sailor moon doll🌙

  • Ziva Hockley

    Ziva Hockley

    8 days ago

    @Nemision Oh i didn't know sorry

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters