Nicholas Kole Unboxing: Art trade package with goodies!

Truth be told, I received and unboxed this wonderful package back in November, I think it was. I could only just get around to editing it now. Enjoy! And Happy New year, everyone.

Nicholas Kole:
@nicholaskole on Instagram

Doll clothing patterns here:
Musical tracks from:


  • • i c k •
    • i c k •Day ago

    I love how she just spawned t-posing atop the box XD

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • JenniferTheCloud
    JenniferTheCloud2 days ago

    I always see the title and think it says Nicholas Cage

  • Quinn Gardner
    Quinn Gardner3 days ago

    im canadian and seeing all of those is so funny to because I didn't know that people outside of Canada didn't have coffee crisp! its sooooo good

  • Sam Mac
    Sam Mac3 days ago


  • OneTon
    OneTon5 days ago

    I saw the wendigo apology video and I’m sad you took down the original one. I’m Native American and it’s literally not offensive. That video brought more attention to us if anything. Anyone that was offended by it is stupid. 😐

  • Victoria Swann
    Victoria Swann9 days ago

    Why are ppl such snowflakes, it’s a Wendigo doll, they aren’t even real things, smh

  • Dragon Quin
    Dragon Quin9 days ago

    Tim tams yeeeess the biscuit forged by the gods themselves.

  • Shawna Mckinney
    Shawna Mckinney10 days ago

    T poses in the start on the box

  • FozzyOzzy
    FozzyOzzy10 days ago

    TimTams are by far my favorite cookies

  • BluDemonix
    BluDemonix16 days ago

    I loved Khepri's design so much and the way she looked. I am currently writing a novel about dragons, and they can become human with magic, I implemented a Khepri-esque character named aonani.

  • SidneyBlancoMMD
    SidneyBlancoMMD21 day ago

    Why was your apology not available for the public to comment on? I’m just curious honestly I’m not trying to be shady I’m just genuinely curious

    YODAFAM_4EV22 days ago


  • • Qwerky •
    • Qwerky •Month ago

    About the previous video about the windigo it’s pretty and very sad you took down the doll. :(

  • Fluffles 208
    Fluffles 208Month ago

    Anyone else really hungry now...

  • Dark Demon
    Dark DemonMonth ago

    Cat go ✨pounce✨

  • Lucy Cooling
    Lucy CoolingMonth ago

    U make rlly good vids!😙😙😙

  • Asha Kay
    Asha KayMonth ago

    her never having a tim tam is insane to me Im australian and i eat so many!!!

  • Meeta’s Stuff
    Meeta’s StuffMonth ago

    the maple cookies are so good i live in canada so i can get them a lot

  • VioletKalico
    VioletKalicoMonth ago

    The apology videos comments are off why

  • Rainbow CatFury
    Rainbow CatFuryMonth ago

    Can you give me the wendigo doll please? you can send it to my house my address is 1624.

  • TheGinojika
    TheGinojikaMonth ago

    Ah man so jealous of those prints!!

  • mai
    maiMonth ago

    this is my first time watching her videos and I love how happy and sweet she is! it gives me serotonin!!

  • Kayla Lapensée
    Kayla LapenséeMonth ago

    I was born and raised in Canada but I haven't had alot of these ;-;

  • Fuzzie Freddie
    Fuzzie FreddieMonth ago

    did she use the failed body?!?!

  • Alice Sprinkles
    Alice SprinklesMonth ago

    Imagine being offended by a doll LOL

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago


  • • 13 years ago •
    • 13 years ago •Month ago


  • Alicia Watson
    Alicia WatsonMonth ago

    Love from Australia ❤🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • idk what to name my account
    idk what to name my accountMonth ago

    Can you make a dream and nightmare dragon please?

  • Savage Savie

    Savage Savie

    Month ago

    One doll, two headed dragon since that's two sides of the same coin. However I doubt she will, that's fine. More ideas for me.

  • Sara Berkman
    Sara Berkman2 months ago

    I definitely want to see that fabric used for something soon. OMG IT'S SO PRETTY.

  • Hamsnub
    Hamsnub2 months ago

    ive seen indigenous people saying that the doll isnt offensive, that its just artwork and it is i bet it was just a bunch of "woke" people thinking theyre doing something productive when theyre just causing an annoyance for everyone else involved

  • Gabrielle Tapper
    Gabrielle Tapper2 months ago

    ok dollightful concerning the wendigo doll while may people have found it offensive many others didnt. i dont know too much about it but you didnt know much and you just wanted to make a doll around a myth from native people and show your entusiasm. there is nothing wrong with that. Pls do not blame yourself and do not listen to the haters. i can not say much since i myself am not native american but it is ok in my eyes you hav apologized and can move on now

  • Gabrielle Tapper

    Gabrielle Tapper

    Month ago

    @Kiara Kishayinew glad we solved this problem

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Gabrielle Tapper Oh, Okay.

  • Gabrielle Tapper

    Gabrielle Tapper

    Month ago

    ​@Kiara Kishayinew i never said i had a say in it i didnt need her to take my advice i really just wanted her to know that i supported her also sorry for not responding i was doing things but i'll edit the thing.. tomorrow if i remember-

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Gabrielle Tapper I didn't say it was bad lol. And I have a life outside of online, I can't be checking my notifications 24/7. And I'm not Native American, I'm from Canada. My mother is Cree, and I'm a mix of Cree and Sudanese. I don't have any type of knowledge of the Wendigo, and I've never claimed that I had any knowledge. I was simply stating that YOU, someone who ISN'T Native American, shouldn't have a say in anything. You even said yourself that you do not have any knowledge of it so you literally can't tell me if it's offensive or not. You can't put words in my mouth. Don't be ignorant.

  • Gabrielle Tapper

    Gabrielle Tapper

    Month ago

    @Kiara Kishayinew i see your not answering me lol cat got your tongue?

  • Jamie
    Jamie2 months ago

    Isn't there a game that depicted the wendigo in a completely inaccurate way and nobody said anything?? nobody from that culture was offended by the doll so why would you remove it? People were happy that you represented their culture in the doll community and the ones who were upset weren't even native...

  • Savage Savie

    Savage Savie

    Month ago

    @KasaAnimates Plus she mentioned the game being inspiration in the very video they were upset about.

  • Jamie


    Month ago

    @KasaAnimates the game is well known, it is very popular

  • KasaAnimates


    2 months ago

    The people from the culture aren’t likely to have seen both the game and doll.

  • Lily
    Lily2 months ago

    idk if you'll see this since I know this happened a few months ago, i know you don't want people defending the wendigo doll but I do think you should LISTEN to native people who are telling you that the doll is not offensive and that they were happy to see their beautiful legend interpreted into your own art. All I'm saying is you should listen to the people you were afraid of offending and listen to what they have to say. that they are not offended and loved what you created from their legend. I am not trying to defend the doll, I just wished you listened to them is all about what they ACTUALLY think about the doll. to be a better creator you should listen to your audience. Also people who re upload many natives in the comments talk about loving and missing the doll. Please just hear what they have to say before assuming everyone was offended

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    What? I'm sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say?

  • Novuna
    Novuna2 months ago

    You should make a cottagecore inspired doll!

  • Maria Jackson
    Maria Jackson2 months ago

    I`ve had coffee crips before! They are delicious!

  • The Promised Nobody
    The Promised Nobody2 months ago

    I was offended when she didn’t know what tim tams were And yes it is popular in Australia

  • Gavin Reed
    Gavin Reed3 months ago

    Still mad over the wendigo video, you shouldn't have removed it or made the apology

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Savage Savie I know. I even asked my mother (who is full Cree) and she said she knew what it was but didn't know why it was offensive.

  • Savage Savie

    Savage Savie

    Month ago

    @Kiara Kishayinew Well dang. I can't get anyone to explain this. Even Google doesn't help.

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Savage Savie Yeah, me neither. I don't have a say in it whether I'm Native or not because I have no knowledge of what it even is. But a lot of people have their reasons for being offended I guess...I don't really know.

  • Savage Savie

    Savage Savie

    Month ago

    @Kiara Kishayinew Oh okay. What is exactly offensive about wendigo's? I looked at the sources she gave but I still don't really understand it.

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Savage Savie Yeah I'm Cree.

  • gothic bowie
    gothic bowie3 months ago

    i still can’t believe y’all made her get rid of a doll she worked so hard on and was one of my favs

  • LazyDragonBreatha
    LazyDragonBreatha3 months ago

    🤤🤤🤤🤤 mmmmmm fooooddddd

  • Petr Stuchlý
    Petr Stuchlý3 months ago

    Awww. This was such a heartwarming video. 😭

  • DylanBananas
    DylanBananas3 months ago

    Wendigo was one of my favorite dolls. It's a shame people have to get offended by everything.

  • Vin_ UrAnus

    Vin_ UrAnus

    Month ago

    @kaskurka i understand your side as well. There was no reason for them to come at you sideways like that. You're native, so your opinion matters. Everyone feels differently about certain while "most" weren't offended, you're apart of the natives that were offended. And that's okay

  • kaskurka


    Month ago

    @Kiara Kishayinew thank you qoq for the longest time I thought I was wrong but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one !!

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @kaskurka You are smart, and I'm with you on this one!! I am Cree and I see way too many people in the comments saying, or stating that it's not offensivee for validation.

  • Kiara Kishayinew

    Kiara Kishayinew

    Month ago

    @Jamie Are you native?

  • kaskurka


    2 months ago

    @Jamie I'm native 😕

  • Katyenka S.S.
    Katyenka S.S.3 months ago

    omg I always thought Tim Tam was a nickname for Tim Horton's 🤣

  • 🃏 Gaming runa 🃏 🎮
    🃏 Gaming runa 🃏 🎮3 months ago

    Dragons yasssssssss :D sun dragon light dragon? .w.

  • Phoebe Sulistio
    Phoebe Sulistio3 months ago

    How is she so wholesome wtf

  • Athena kawichan
    Athena kawichan3 months ago still sad she took down the windigo doll becuase a bunch a people wanted to cry about it ..thats sucks it was a lovely doll

  • Smol Bread

    Smol Bread

    3 months ago

    It literally offended an entire culture. If you aren't a part of that culture you don't get to decide if it's offensive or not.

  • That Bish
    That Bish3 months ago

    Oh my gosh I genuinely thought timtams were big everywhere! I guess that's just my Aussie showing 😅 I hope you enjoy them!!

  • Clarice Menezes
    Clarice Menezes3 months ago

    A little tip for all those TimTam lovers out there: Step 1: Make a delicious cup of hot chocolate (It's essential) Step 2: Bite two opposite corners of a TimTam Step 3: Stick one of the bitten corners into the hot chocolate Step 4: Suck the hot chocolate through the other bitten corner like a straw Step 5: (The best part) As you taste the hot chocolate, shove the entire TimTam into your mouth and enjoy

  • Zoi Mira
    Zoi Mira3 months ago

    TIMTAMS!!!!! They are one of the best foods in my life!!!!! Me being a proud Australian

  • Sylver Forgach
    Sylver Forgach3 months ago

    i couldn't stop starring at your pretty bracelets!

  • Ryn
    Ryn3 months ago

    Dollightful: *requests one specific maple candy* Nicholas: 200,000 units are ready, with a million more on the way

  • Tuminafiar
    Tuminafiar3 months ago

    wait you dont have all that stuff!? Dang I feel bad for you Dollightfull... here in Canada its allmost HARD to choose a maple surup brand.

  • 17myra1820
    17myra18203 months ago

    as a canadian i aprove this consuption maple

  • labrador vlog
    labrador vlog3 months ago

    Can you make me i want a flying

  • Faith Rodriguez
    Faith Rodriguez3 months ago

    i was asking if you could please do more dragons i find it intertaining to watch you sculpt and shape legs and big but small details so please do more dragons if you can manage

  • Faith Rodriguez

    Faith Rodriguez

    3 months ago

    @Nemision fine

  • Nemision


    3 months ago

    @Faith Rodriguez and she said she is done with them. As in "no".

  • Faith Rodriguez

    Faith Rodriguez

    3 months ago

    @Nemision okay? I'm asking if she can do more i really liked the dragons

  • Nemision


    3 months ago

    She is done with dragons.

  • Kimberley Harris
    Kimberley Harris4 months ago

    OOOOOOOH TimTams are big here in NZ too! I hope you enjoyed them! xo

  • Liviqueen12
    Liviqueen124 months ago

    The Tim-tams are very Australian I live in WA Australia

  • The oceans Depp‘s
    The oceans Depp‘s4 months ago

    Same for I’m a serial I found a long time agoAnd it taste just like childhood

  • The oceans Depp‘s
    The oceans Depp‘s4 months ago

    That looks like slime

  • The oceans Depp‘s
    The oceans Depp‘s4 months ago

    RIP doll that this channel removed recently

  • Kassidy Gull
    Kassidy Gull4 months ago

    Are we all just gonna pretend like we didn’t see her cat at the end being a total goof, no ok 👌

  • Wannafish
    Wannafish4 months ago

    She should do a witch doll that’s not green

  • KimiCapucciny
    KimiCapucciny4 months ago

    Thanks for bringing awareness to the wendigo issue!! On that note, since you deleted the wendigo doll vid, will you also delete Tatsuo's video, since he has the wendigo tattoo?? Or maybe just edit it?

    CALL me CRAZY4 months ago


  • Kay The QWERTY dragon
    Kay The QWERTY dragon4 months ago

    Tim Tams are very popular in Australia.

  • Kris K
    Kris K4 months ago

    Im sad you removed the wendigo maybe you can redo it

  • Beck Vaughn
    Beck Vaughn4 months ago

    I have a small comment for your previous video, I enjoyed watching her creation while the video was up, but I am glad you informed us and took the video down :)

  • UwU UvU boy
    UwU UvU boy4 months ago

    I wanna talk about her apology video as a indigenous/Native American I did not fell offended I actually felt like a good thing cus no one talks about our kind and some actually made something BASED ON US so I fell like she did the right thing and should have left it up cus it was a good thing in my eyes also IT WAS MADE YEARS AGO I HATE when people bring up the past

  • Angelina Aguilar
    Angelina Aguilar4 months ago

    S you forgot thunder

  • Amaryllis
    Amaryllis4 months ago

    I’m Canadian and have seen those maple candies around

  • *Weird Person*
    *Weird Person*4 months ago

    DOLLIGHTFUL! You should definitely copyright strike maruku they reposted your Wendigo doll and what else is so disrespectful they did it right after your apology was posted.

  • ranbow silly
    ranbow silly4 months ago

    Catherine: now we get a reason to keep the snacks all to ourselves!!!! me: but what about when the last chip in the bag? And you're sharing the bag of chips? What happens then ? What happens then????!????!

  • Fruity Rat
    Fruity Rat4 months ago

    I'm sorry but are those lay's chips K E T C H U P FLAVOURED?!

  • Addalilspice
    Addalilspice4 months ago

    I am a very maple loving person! My mouth was watering the whole timeeeeee

  • NightlyThoughts
    NightlyThoughts4 months ago

    Im commenting on a lot of your videos in hopes you’ll see this. The USplan user @maruku reposted your wendigo video and ik you didn’t want ppl reposting it

  • *Weird Person*

    *Weird Person*

    4 months ago

    I was gunna write a comment about that. That person is so disrespectful

  • Am I edgy enough, yet?
    Am I edgy enough, yet?4 months ago

    Bring back the Wendigo doll.

  • Am I edgy enough, yet?

    Am I edgy enough, yet?

    3 months ago

    @frogscontroltime how exactly am I being racist? And maybe u should grow up with ur childish language

  • frogscontroltime


    3 months ago

    how abt no 💕 you aren’t entitled to any free videos or art she makes and it was her choice to take it down, respect it and grow up instead of being a *ucking racist :)

  • Am I edgy enough, yet?

    Am I edgy enough, yet?

    4 months ago

    @Hannah Gs oh i read misread the last part of your comment. I thought you said "she would lost publicity" ooops lol

  • Hannah Gs

    Hannah Gs

    4 months ago

    @Am I edgy enough, yet? she wouldn’t what 😂

  • Am I edgy enough, yet?

    Am I edgy enough, yet?

    4 months ago

    @Hannah Gs uhhh no she wouldnt. The amount of ppl that didnt like her doll was 1% of her viewers. Those ppl that made a big deal out of her doll did it just because they could. she couldve easily ignored them and the whole thing wouldve ended soon after it started.

  • Funny toon
    Funny toon4 months ago

    Ya to sucks

  • -chloe-
    -chloe-4 months ago

    nothing like genuine canadian maple candy! i would miss it so much if i moved away. nothing quite like it!

  • Taylor Melford
    Taylor Melford4 months ago

    Can you do a face reveal I don’t see your face for once

  • Nemision


    3 months ago

    She already has...

  • Anishka Varma

    Anishka Varma

    4 months ago

    she already has

  • Weem Wom
    Weem Wom4 months ago

    I’m so hungry 😭😭😭

  • Max SunShine
    Max SunShine4 months ago

    Man I'm gonna miss that wendigo doll, that thing brought so much creativity to me and it's what brought me to this channel in the first. (when it was made)

  • ????????
    ????????4 months ago

    Is it okay if you can make a fnaf the puppet doll?

  • Lavita Benian
    Lavita Benian4 months ago

    could you make four dolls for the four sessions?

  • Legend Views
    Legend Views4 months ago

    Copyright the channel Maruku that has your Wendigo video up

  • Amanda Holt
    Amanda Holt4 months ago

    Loved the video! Also, you don't need to apologize for creating a doll inspired by a legend from any culture. It's not insensitive.

  • El
    El4 months ago

    Hi- okay so. I would *die* for a pride series! I would love to see some dolls based off the pride flags!

  • Ellice DarkBlue
    Ellice DarkBlue4 months ago

    Catherine check out Tender Being Dolls. Artist makes her own ball jointed cat doll from scratch. She only has 223 subscribers! Great source of inspiration I think.

  • Olivia Ring
    Olivia Ring4 months ago

    Tim tams are really good- just to let you know- my family got 3 packs- family of 5- and we finished them in less then a week!

  • •A•z•u•m•i •
    •A•z•u•m•i •4 months ago

    It's a pity that you don't make Russian subtitles, just some Russian people would be interested to see:T

  • IIDA -
    IIDA -4 months ago

    Hey Dollightful :> I cleaned my room and was wondering; can I donate you my old bratz dolls? I don't need them and you would definitely have more use for em! -Iida

  • nancy caylan
    nancy caylan4 months ago

    I hate you you are taking so long to upload what ahhhhhhhhhh😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😢

  • Idiot Bitch
    Idiot Bitch4 months ago

    This is so sweet, my heart feels so warm when I see two amazing artists collaborate with each other in a wholesome way. 🥺💘

  • the bestist ever
    the bestist ever4 months ago

    Zodiac inspired series?

  • Nemision


    3 months ago

    She has already said that she doesn't want to make zodiacs..

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga4 months ago

    I have a doll request. I myself would love to see you create a doll based off of my favorite character Katsuki Bakugou from the anime My Hero Academia or also known as Boku no Hero Academia. I completely understand if you cannot do this because you must have a lot of requests and other projects to work on. ❤❤❤ I love your channel and I hope you have an amazing 2021.

  • Nemision


    3 months ago

    She doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • sonic20681
    sonic206814 months ago

    Hey dollightful Some A-hole uploaded your windigo video. Could you please go ask them to take it down

  • -Lisa-
    -Lisa-4 months ago

    Can you give a LOL doll a make over? those baby dolls with accecories they are pretty cheap and can you make it a elf with cute theme :O

  • Its_TahraIsKake
    Its_TahraIsKake4 months ago

    Hay Dollightful could u make an Greek goddes like Aphrodite so i mean u dont have to maybe an inspiration greek goddeses like aphrodite or athena haha maybe i can inspire you (sowwy for the bad english(: )

  • Aaliyah Farhoud
    Aaliyah Farhoud4 months ago

    Who wants dollightful to see fanart of her characters but drawn by us!! I sent her mine so what do ya'll think?

  • Jaia
    Jaia4 months ago

    Ok so this is random but someone asked me if I could meet anyone in the world who would it be? And I said you 😊😁

  • Gacha marshmallow!
    Gacha marshmallow!4 months ago

    This is a doll idea by the way Could you gather all of your old unused clothes or messed up doll and try and make a beautiful doll out of it?