Q&A + Meet the new Dollightful! (Face Reveal)

안녕! A good old fashioned Q\u0026A was long overdue on this channel. Thanks to everyone who left questions on the previous video. I tried to address the most frequently asked ones. Athough I showed my face for the first time in the "Help Save Our Channels" video, it was out of necessity to plea for help. In other words, it was not how I envisioned doing my 'face reveal'! I always wanted to do a magical-girl transformation sequence...I mean, who wouldn't?

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  • Ash bad baby Mina
    Ash bad baby MinaDay ago

    What is your favorite doll

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙 :)

  • Ania Stan
    Ania Stan2 days ago

    You rock, girl! 😘

  • X_Bluberry_X
    X_Bluberry_X2 days ago

    i totally did not ask to go to the thrief store after this-

  • Xxkate_ VibesxX
    Xxkate_ VibesxX2 days ago

    Where do you get your used dolls!? Im interested in starting to do this you inspired me!!!!

  • Enhy4liferssss
    Enhy4liferssss2 days ago

    Why does she say 안녕 in the beginning of her videos if she’s not Korean?? Just wondering

  • Kristal ✨
    Kristal ✨3 days ago

    You: gets longer hair. Dollightful:am i getting rerooted again?

  • The meg Rylee
    The meg Rylee3 days ago


  • The meg Rylee
    The meg Rylee3 days ago

    I REALLY hope your not transphobic.....REALLY

  • Rose Weaver
    Rose Weaver3 days ago

    Can you please make a Libra doll for me please you can customize It however you want. Please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FluffBall_Kalyia
    FluffBall_Kalyia4 days ago

    maybe you can make a fairy series to go with anita and iggy

  • Evvie 2.0
    Evvie 2.04 days ago

    QnA: do you have ever get mad at your projects if it goes out bad

  • Va Her
    Va Her4 days ago

    I'm a fan


    Let's apprieciate her hair and the outfit it's so CUTE

  • Venus Alsairafi
    Venus Alsairafi5 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • A
    A5 days ago

    im going to cry her hair is so cute

  • Giuseppe D'Alessandro
    Giuseppe D'Alessandro5 days ago

    you had your chance of saying "my human vessel"

  • floatinginspace
    floatinginspace5 days ago

    How do yoy keep your hair so puffy and cute???

  • Buffy
    Buffy6 days ago

    I absolutely love your new hair it is so cute!💕

  • Mujika The demon
    Mujika The demon6 days ago

    Actually there is a thirteenth zodiac sign

  • xyrie cass
    xyrie cass6 days ago

    ohh i remember this! i also really loved your blonde hair. and you look pretty. and you and your doll look beautiful in your new hair. and nova looks beautiful actually, she didn't suck. at least to some of us :)

  • Bella Arnott
    Bella Arnott6 days ago

    Omg your so Pretty 😮

  • kallie ezzell
    kallie ezzell6 days ago

    Bratz is a completely self dependent company to Barbie, with it's own movies, dolls, and not the most well known. Me and my sister had over 50 different Bratz dolls at one point because we hated Barbie dolls.

  • Mia Dewhurst
    Mia Dewhurst7 days ago

    You could make 2 or more dolls that are pride flag colours if u want

  • yikes
    yikes7 days ago

    im scared to start because im broke

  • Blue  Bunny
    Blue Bunny7 days ago

    But I still really would like to see an angel doll if you’re ever up for it

  • Maddison Dubie
    Maddison Dubie8 days ago

    You should create OMG dolls to be like monsters

  • Dairi Cedano
    Dairi Cedano9 days ago

    muy. lindas. tus. Muñecas

  • Dairi Cedano
    Dairi Cedano9 days ago

    muí. lindas. tus. muñecas

  • Froggie Chan
    Froggie Chan11 days ago

    the bfs have been confirmed guys

  • Sara Mevrage
    Sara Mevrage15 days ago

    Omg I luv the hair!!!

  • Donna Barnett
    Donna Barnett21 day ago

    i love her hair!

  • MH RM
    MH RM23 days ago

    For some reason I thought you'd be Korean American, since you greet people in Korean

  • Nemision


    21 day ago

    She lives in Korea.

  • hexilya UwU
    hexilya UwU26 days ago

    Im 14 n i tried to do- uhhhh y e s- but uhhhh my parents- god bless them :") i almost just- hurt myself with the tools :V

  • Hannah Dixon
    Hannah Dixon28 days ago

    i love that she is if ms. frizzle was an art teacher

  • The Grey Wolf Pack
    The Grey Wolf Pack29 days ago

    Please make more Pokémon maybe mewtwo I have no idea how to customize dolls no video will help

  • Jesse Blanner
    Jesse BlannerMonth ago

    me: trying to listen to Katherine also me: just looking at those rainbow UHG's in the background

  • Frogg’s Channel
    Frogg’s ChannelMonth ago

    I eat dead dogs

  • Wolfy
    WolfyMonth ago

    She's so cuteeeee!!

  • Ariella Butler
    Ariella ButlerMonth ago

    My child wants to go to Ringling when they graduate, too. The price tag. omg. :) Would you say it was a good investment for you?

  • Emma Coulson
    Emma CoulsonMonth ago

    HEY! I dare you to do a vid we're you make clothes from one of your dolls that fit you and make it into an outfit

  • Violet Sundaram
    Violet SundaramMonth ago


  • Liv
    LivMonth ago

    How does your hair now?

  • Emmarae's Adventures
    Emmarae's AdventuresMonth ago

    I don't like barbie dolls but the monster high dolls because they have bigger heads and I like them just because they have way cuter builds

  • •Gacha Deer•
    •Gacha Deer•Month ago

    Woah this was posted on my birthday last year :O

  • Nilayaa Mantri
    Nilayaa MantriMonth ago

    this was on my birthday

  • Jae Chae
    Jae ChaeMonth ago

    I love the evaluation part! It’s so cool!

  • Amy Alvarez
    Amy AlvarezMonth ago

    can you make a angel girl and pair her up with the demon girl

  • Pee Poo

    Pee Poo

    17 days ago


  • Nemision


    Month ago

    She already answered this question in this exact video.

  • Meli
    MeliMonth ago

    I actually think your Xerneas is one of the best dolls you've made!

  • Kristie Varner
    Kristie VarnerMonth ago

    your mini has a wedding ring and I just think that's the best thing ever!!

  • ThatOneQuiteKid
    ThatOneQuiteKidMonth ago

    Someone: to cooperate you need to know the differences of these two pictures "mini Katherine" "Katherine" Fans: *we see no difference*

  • Jim Franke
    Jim FrankeMonth ago

    U are so adorable and beautiful! Luv ur Conten!

  • Lucy Cooling
    Lucy CoolingMonth ago


  • Hange_San
    Hange_SanMonth ago

    :0000 YOU'RE SO PRETTY

  • Logan Childress
    Logan ChildressMonth ago

    Could you please make a shoto todoroki doll from my hero academia

  • Logan Childress

    Logan Childress

    Month ago

    @Nemision I know but I thought it would be cool to have todoroki to her collection 😄

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    She literally say in _this video_ that she doesn't like making pre-existing characters

  • John Williamsen
    John WilliamsenMonth ago


  • satan shake
    satan shakeMonth ago

    14:58 AYYYYE you finaly got round to it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Ducrohet
    Anna DucrohetMonth ago

    she is so prettyyyy

  • Elliana Cinamonrollz
    Elliana CinamonrollzMonth ago

    She is so pretty and cool

  • snowball
    snowballMonth ago

    I like your hair so poofy

  • Dayna Rodriguez
    Dayna RodriguezMonth ago


  • Teddy
    TeddyMonth ago

    anyone,,, kinda upset abt the angel doll thing..? Like doing mlm dolls only for pride month and then say no to a wlw pair.. eh I know it could've been an honest misunderstanding but it just seems a lil preformative? Idk I get not doing that idea but admitting to only doing it for pride month.. erm..?

  • Teddy


    Month ago

    @Nemision oh yeah I just have to b the last to reply so like Ill do this as much as I have to. She absolutely is an influencer with over millions of subscribers she has an influence on her viewers making her an influencer.

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    @Teddy she isn't an influencer though 😂 and _sure_ you didn't. Weren't you supposed to be done with this conversation?

  • Teddy


    Month ago

    @Nemision oh no ur definitely not right, bc there isn't a right or wrong thing here bc Katherine is a influencer, a youtuber, we only know her from her internet persona and either of us could be right or wrong abt who she is and her opinions. And I didn't read it 😴😴 too long

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    @Teddy right, so what you're saying is: I'm right and you don't want to admit it so you act like you didn't read it. Good for you ig

  • Teddy


    Month ago

    @Nemision you have not changed my opinion or feelings and I've been over this thread for a hot second so,, I don't care and I'm not gonna read any of that xx

  • Nelly Johanesson Walldeck
    Nelly Johanesson WalldeckMonth ago

    Wow i didnt expext her to be white because she says annyeong. Anyways ur beautiful

  • jaya tripathi
    jaya tripathiMonth ago

    you look beautiful now also but i liked you more with your lovely blonde locks


    I want her hair straight

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    That's top bad, she doesn't.

  • Itz Yuri

    Itz Yuri

    Month ago

    But she has her own opinions y know?

  • • Brøkęn Hęarts̸ •
    • Brøkęn Hęarts̸ •Month ago

    pov from another universe: dollightful made a doll that is 4'7

  • The cat that likes people
    The cat that likes peopleMonth ago

    Please make a dol dat is adrogon but den is mijn brother here

  • Itz Yuri

    Itz Yuri

    Month ago

    Are you dutch?

  • just Alex
    just AlexMonth ago

    You look much better with this hair

  • •panda bish123•
    •panda bish123•Month ago

    bruh your sooooo cute :3

  • Tenisha Karabatic
    Tenisha KarabaticMonth ago

    I zoned out for a bit (love having adhd :^) and i zoned back in when i saw someone with the same pfp as me :D

  • Tina Wenzel
    Tina WenzelMonth ago

    Angle and demon. I can imagine them fighting in a funny playful way. Though I think Dolightful should choose the gender

  • Layla Chants
    Layla ChantsMonth ago

    Can you plzzzz make a butterfly Barbie if yes make it blue or pink

  • Zoë Keller
    Zoë KellerMonth ago

    Imagine being this pretty and this talented

  • Samantha Deschere
    Samantha DeschereMonth ago

    Your very pretty

  • Lixing Chen
    Lixing ChenMonth ago

    are you Korean?

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    She's a citizen of Korea, yes. But she wasn't born there.

  • Sal C Daniel

    Sal C Daniel

    Month ago

    She's white but her husband is Korean and she lives in korea

  • Megan Munroe
    Megan MunroeMonth ago

    You’re so pretty and you look just like your doll!

  • Enyll Kcin Carlos
    Enyll Kcin CarlosMonth ago

    Her face reveal: Me: ugh the beauty Her respect on lgbtq+: me:EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL

  • sephatis hoaglin
    sephatis hoaglinMonth ago

    sometimes i forget ur an actual person who has a life and isn't just a pair of hands and a voice and I feel so bad cuz u seem so sweet!!!!

  • Nabila Jamaludin
    Nabila JamaludinMonth ago

    you're not korean?

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    Technically, yes she is. She's a citizen of Korea. However, ethnically she isn't.

  • Sal C Daniel

    Sal C Daniel

    Month ago

    She's not, her husband is though, and she lives in korea

  • Misš Røyal]
    Misš Røyal]Month ago

    Your hair is not my style but if you like it

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    She clearly does. What's the point of making a comment like this?

  • AubrisFox
    AubrisFoxMonth ago

    "You have the power to do it!" Yeah, but do I have the money to?

  • azreen sulaivany
    azreen sulaivanyMonth ago


  • ๑bunbun Studios๑
    ๑bunbun Studios๑Month ago

    The dislikes are 666 creepy

  • Rayna Icing
    Rayna IcingMonth ago

    You look so cooll

  • Laura And Kylie All Around The World
    Laura And Kylie All Around The WorldMonth ago

    I have been wocht you for so long I was 5 and I’m 8 now I love you and your videos

  • Phoebe Taylor
    Phoebe TaylorMonth ago

    imagine having a cool hobby AND cool shoes

  • ・Itz Catty・
    ・Itz Catty・Month ago

    I have a channel and I was wishing to have a two custom made dolls from you and I would make something for you like a yt trade because I would like something made from you :(

  • Shyshui


    Month ago

    Trades don't really work like that Especially if you only want a trade because it's a way to get something from her lmao

  • goattropoliz !
    goattropoliz !Month ago

    I absolutely adore her outfits, there always so fun and beautiful

  • Cute Cat
    Cute CatMonth ago

    Can you make a Pikachu doll

  • Astrid Juppe
    Astrid JuppeMonth ago

    I can't Katherin (sorry if I spelled that wrong) looks so cute especially with the pink and shorter hair 🤩

  • Everything Funna
    Everything Funna2 months ago

    Is it just me or seeing that beautiful hair go made me cry

  • TheGarretts5
    TheGarretts52 months ago


  • y/n
    y/n2 months ago

    She kinda reminds me of Moriah 😅

  • Red brush Road
    Red brush Road2 months ago


  • Cherry_Berry_Fnaf
    Cherry_Berry_Fnaf2 months ago

    whats ur real name????????????

  • Sal C Daniel

    Sal C Daniel

    Month ago

    Her name's Katherine

  • TD Onslaught

    TD Onslaught

    2 months ago

    I believe it’s Catherine she said it

  • little aries and eclispe
    little aries and eclispe2 months ago

    im 10 not 20 i cant why is it so hard to do thing idk cuz IM 10 AHHHHHHHHH

  • david slinger
    david slinger2 months ago

    I'm sorry no affence to you or anything but your hair looks like a wig..

  • TD Onslaught

    TD Onslaught

    2 months ago

    I think that’s good because wigs are always so beautiful and majestic

  • beenish rizwan
    beenish rizwan2 months ago

    videos are so cute in a love your hair so much

  • Addison Kesey
    Addison Kesey2 months ago

    You should make your husband into a doll

  • Sal C Daniel

    Sal C Daniel

    Month ago

    She has, that one's in her old videos, but it doesn't have a video of its own

  • Huabo Lu
    Huabo Lu2 months ago

    I love you