Repaint! Charley the Lolita Fashion Doll

Pink hair? Check. Poofy dress? Double check! Charley is here to brighten your day and bring in the new year. Let’s have a great 2021!
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Charlotte the Cake Shop Lolita Doll’s video:
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Thrifted yarn (50 cents)
Reroot needles from the
Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Acrylic paint - Liquitex brand
Mr. Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
MASK: Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
High Gloss Varnish -Liquitex Brand
Musical tracks from:
[Songs listed chronologically:]
In Circles by Evgeny Bardyusha
Night and Day Instrumental Version by Rex Banner
Oceans by Rex Banner
Doorknob by Egon Stone
Lesson Learned Instrumental Version by Daniel Robinson
Next Chapter by Out of Flux
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  • Moonlight Jewel
    Moonlight Jewel4 months ago

    What an amazing job, I always love your cutesy dupsey dolls so much 🙈❤️ edit: OMG im so glad Charlotte gave you so much inspiration for your own doll clothes 🥺💕❤️

  • Cambria Jensen

    Cambria Jensen

    5 days ago

    If you look up wendigo dollightful you should find videos that cover it

  • KellyP


    2 months ago


  • Depresso Espresso

    Depresso Espresso

    3 months ago

    @Grace Johnson She found out that her research was insufficient and that she'd misrepresented the wendigo legends from the culture she got it from

  • Buddoski


    3 months ago

    Really hope someone will see this comment and let Katherine see it! HALLOWEEN DOLL IDEA: As THE QUEEN of body modifications, why don't you take all the remaining body pieces from your previous projects just as a Frankenstein's doll monster?? It would be SO MUCH FUN and CHALLENGING!! Love from Italy 🇮🇹❤

  • 사랑nanni


    4 months ago

    @vaporeon333xxx ‘the masses’ is not the same as an entire community of people with a deeply rooted culture. if somebody comes to you and says, ‘i respect you as an artist but please take this down because i don’t believe you did enough research into this character, and it’s heavily important in our culture.’ you take it down. i have more respect for an artist that can recognize when they’re wrong, and apologize for their actions. even if you disagree, there are people who appreciated her gesture. respect that, and stop being an asshole.

  • Studio Veronika
    Studio Veronika8 hours ago

    Oooh i always love the way you make their hair!! ♥️

  • CrabsyAbsy
    CrabsyAbsyDay ago

    Can you do a pride month doll this year 💗

  • Kawaii Lynx
    Kawaii LynxDay ago

    Here is a good vid idea: Zodiac Doll serie

  • Abby :]
    Abby :]Day ago

    when are y’all gonna learn the term lolita is a pedophilic term used by pedophiles to describe young girls. stop using the word 😭😭

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • The Enby Bat
    The Enby Bat2 days ago

    -wheeze- kathrine: “and heres a wheelchair for the doll” my brain: “oh gods she broke her fricken spine at the beginning of the viDeo”

  • Help Now
    Help Now3 days ago

    Wow, how do you always do so good at this? It won’t take me forever and still not finish. Keep up the great work ❤️

  • Suki方舜淇
    Suki方舜淇3 days ago

    where dd you get your sewing machine?

  • pupet show
    pupet show4 days ago

    Me and my 5yr Old sis are opsesssed with your dolly transformation We love your vids

  • Femo Memo
    Femo Memo4 days ago

    id love to see her take a pic with the dude that has a cool prosthetic arm :)

  • cheyenne dupre
    cheyenne dupre4 days ago

    Hello delightful! I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a series called a court of thorns and roses. If you have or if you haven’t I was wondering if you could do a dog based off of the coupling of Feyre and Rhyland, as it is my favorite seried to read!

  • Keeba Kitsune
    Keeba Kitsune5 days ago

    I love your cutesy and lolita dolls so much, they are so beautiful! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

  • Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez5 days ago

    Your dolls are always so damn amazing!

  • axolotl hearts
    axolotl hearts5 days ago

    as a wheelchair user this made me really happy bc it's finally some rep that isn't just advertising or inspiration porn. it just doing the bare minimum of including others

  • Moonlit Cosplays
    Moonlit Cosplays6 days ago

    I choose to believe this is Juwons little sister and they designed her chair together as a bonding activity

  • TheAlienBallerina Sue
    TheAlienBallerina Sue6 days ago

    Is that cat chi? From chi's sweet adventures?

  • Charolyn Cipher
    Charolyn Cipher6 days ago

    She looks like she got isekai'd to Kimetsu no Yaiba. In a good way of course.

  • NOVA Studios
    NOVA Studios6 days ago

    She reminds me of Monaca from Ultra Despair Girls. Because she is in a wheelchair, absolutely adorable and has thick hair.

  • Daveys Odyssey
    Daveys Odyssey6 days ago

    Could you make a doll with a gtube?!?!

  • gh0sttt
    gh0sttt7 days ago

    Your so good at this! Good job! I love your videos :)

  • Amber Eason
    Amber Eason7 days ago

    Could you do a doll that's nothing but eyes for the face, force you to work with eyelashes

  • kuronyai
    kuronyai7 days ago

    This is probably my favorite face-up you’ve ever done (so far)!

  • Ravenwolf Lotusmoon
    Ravenwolf Lotusmoon7 days ago

    Delightful Raggedy Anna doll

  • Szczęśliwy Ziemniak
    Szczęśliwy Ziemniak7 days ago

    I love this doll but... I feel weird making her use wheelchair while also taking pics of her just standing like chair is nothing more than cool accessory... I was accualy hoping to see some handicapped doll come to live and live with her disability to the fullest!

  • Szczęśliwy Ziemniak

    Szczęśliwy Ziemniak

    5 days ago

    I know that, but in these photos it just looks like accessory for her and not something that she needs (even from time to time) and that's why I'm kinda sad cause I was hoping for doll that would be one with wheelchair, which can makes poses trickier since she can't use lower part of body much, since I think that's something that doll makers are avoiding, like with many other disabilities like missing arm or stg

  • axolotl hearts

    axolotl hearts

    5 days ago

    as a wheelchair user, not all wheelchair users use it 24/7, some wheelchair users use it bc of chronic fatigue. I think that the doll is amazing and truly breaks the stereotype of wheelchair users

  • Park Sojuu
    Park Sojuu7 days ago

    아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ, 귀여!

  • Lily Schenk
    Lily Schenk7 days ago

    would it be okay to use mod podge instead of msc on a doll?

  • Robin Anderson
    Robin Anderson7 days ago

    You are the best

  • Lesbohemian Rhapsody
    Lesbohemian Rhapsody8 days ago

    I can’t believe the backpack had a cute little bunny face to match yours but that’s my preference I guess😅

  • # Obsessed with art
    # Obsessed with art8 days ago

    I love her faceup so much it’s gorgeous

  • Mister moss man
    Mister moss man8 days ago


  • Cherry Cotton ow0
    Cherry Cotton ow08 days ago

    That cat charm is from a book series, "Chi's sweet home" It's crying, I would guess because she lost her mama from chasing a butterfly. I don't think almost anything else would make her cry cuz shes so clueless and selfish xD

  • Delaney Bukowsky
    Delaney Bukowsky8 days ago

    I really love the craft of re-designin dolls that I've been watching since I was 4 and was watching on the big screen 😊

  • Brinnley Wolff
    Brinnley Wolff8 days ago


  • Lisa Privette
    Lisa Privette8 days ago

    Do a pug oh and that little cat is named Chi and it has its own book series I mean her own book series

  • Little Mouse
    Little Mouse8 days ago

    I was thinking about the pokemon pack and jiggle puff :D

  • 00Roxanne00
    00Roxanne008 days ago

    b u n n y m a c a r o n p u r s e

  • Rajesh Muppala
    Rajesh Muppala8 days ago


  • The Oddball Dolls
    The Oddball Dolls9 days ago

    “The blouse has a lining and linings are scary” dollightful 2021 😂 I’m dying

  • Julia Julin
    Julia Julin9 days ago

    Is it just me or did the skirt look like a maxi pad at first? Ngl😂

  • Julia Julin

    Julia Julin

    9 days ago

    Sorry I didn't mean to be rude

  • Bandalena Morris
    Bandalena Morris12 days ago

    OMG I LOVE THE DALL !!!!!!

  • Montana Richardson
    Montana Richardson14 days ago

    U should make the afton family dolls

  • cocoprettyproducts
    cocoprettyproducts15 days ago

    Brugh thus us my name and a black girl too

  • DuckDuckLover
    DuckDuckLover16 days ago

    I’m finally making a Lolita doll my first doll ever all I needed was the dress it’s still not done becas I’m doing a cyclops Edit:also the half parted hair was cute like she shaved one side.pluse my name is Charlie

  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith16 days ago

    AAA I love it but on the off chance you would ever see this would you make a trad goth doll :)

  • SynthBabé
    SynthBabé20 days ago

    “#BabeWithMobilityAid” Yes.

  • Skoon oo
    Skoon oo20 days ago

    you should make a bob! that would be adorible

  • Serafina Fool
    Serafina Fool20 days ago

    I can't get the idea that Charley is Juwon's little sister out of my head. (Also with this I see Juwon as a name that he started using when younger that stuck, and his family use it too)

  • BBH and Skeppy Fan
    BBH and Skeppy Fan21 day ago

    O think it would be REALLY cool if u tried to make a guy from the dream smp as doll!!!!

  • Sir Egg Salad
    Sir Egg Salad23 days ago

    I love the fact that you make diffrent types of dolls of every genre and i praise you for that

  • DellaSuz
    DellaSuz23 days ago

    the visible hairline of a doll i’m customizing split and the hairs already in how would i sew it and how would i do so in a unnoticeable way?

  • ItalianPokeMage
    ItalianPokeMage24 days ago

    Does anyone know if she has a PO box or accept anything from fans? I have a bunch of mini madame Alexander dolls and I want to send her a couple of dolls. (Less eyes staring at me. Please. Take them!)

  • Nemision


    14 days ago

    She answered this in her q+a, iirc, and the answer to both is currently no.

  • ‘’Tubs!’’
    ‘’Tubs!’’25 days ago

    Why dose her voice make me fall asleep 😴?

  • Catcoster 123
    Catcoster 12326 days ago

    Great video!❤❤ love your stuff! What if you redesigned the doll designs that come with/on the doll, into your style?

  • Maia Miller
    Maia Miller26 days ago

    Is there a place where we can send are old Monster high dolls?

  • Courtney, Isabella and Oliver
    Courtney, Isabella and Oliver26 days ago

    You should start a jod

  • Nemision


    14 days ago


  • Willy Weasel
    Willy Weasel27 days ago

    She's got the 90's anime eyes

    YODAFAM_4EV27 days ago

    I love how on almost every video she includes a clip of her cats LOL

  • He Screm
    He Screm28 days ago

    Im finally able to take all your videos and put em to good use! In drama class we have to repaint a doll

  • foxloaf
    foxloaf29 days ago

    You should've turned the rip in her head into a surgery scar! It would've been so cool!

  • Toby.says. stuff
    Toby.says. stuffMonth ago

    You should make a doll where you work backwards

  • lisa johns
    lisa johnsMonth ago

    she looks like anime i draw

  • °•Charley Adele•°
    °•Charley Adele•°Month ago

    omgg my name is Charley!!!

  • That one SMEXY PATATO
    That one SMEXY PATATOMonth ago

    I used to watch you loads then didn’t now I am obsessed

  • Kitten K
    Kitten KMonth ago

    Idea for another doll! You could make a ninja girl!

  • Stormy_ Disk14
    Stormy_ Disk14Month ago

    Hia! ive been following you for i think 5 years, your dolls get better and better every time! keep up the good work! :D

  • HaileyNotFound
    HaileyNotFoundMonth ago

    Do You Ever Drop The Doll Off Your Balcony? xD

  • Vege Table

    Vege Table

    26 days ago

    She's never dropped it so far

  • Marley Gingerlowski
    Marley GingerlowskiMonth ago

    i love her so much she is adorable!! and her wheelchair is fantastic!! amazing job 💕💕💕

  • Testing Crafts
    Testing CraftsMonth ago

    You should but fake eyelashes on a doll

  • Vege Table

    Vege Table

    26 days ago

    She has done that before

  • Xuxa Hernandez
    Xuxa HernandezMonth ago

    I love how the dolls look like they're going to the salon when she puts the hair wrap on lol

  • Judith Schneider
    Judith SchneiderMonth ago


  • Kacy Dolce
    Kacy DolceMonth ago

    Hi! I have a question about your doll eyes Have you ever done two tone doll eyes? I think it would look really cool!!! (ALSO IM LIKE A HUGE FANNNN)

  • Ollie Does Art

    Ollie Does Art

    28 days ago

    Estelle doll, yup

  • taylorrr
    taylorrrMonth ago

    i begg you make a doll with acne or a cast/sling

  • Bunny_DreamTeam ❤️
    Bunny_DreamTeam ❤️Month ago

    You should try two toned soles for your doll shoes! I got some for my birthday once and they were so cool! I think it would look good on your dolls too!

  • Rose Boom
    Rose BoomMonth ago

    My respect for her went for using different types of colors for the skin📈

  • Olivia Hiller
    Olivia HillerMonth ago

    I used to watch your channel like 3 years ago and i just found you again! Your style and inspirations have changed so much and i love how this doll turned out!

  • Raccoon News reporter
    Raccoon News reporterMonth ago

    Not related to the video but if you have a doll with the ripped head thing- You could make like a Lolita monster kinda! :D

  • Maddy
    MaddyMonth ago

    What do you use to remove the facial features on the dolls?

  • The Viewer

    The Viewer

    18 days ago

    Pure acetone, however some kinds of nailpolish remover work (though it's far more difficult)

  • Bee Gosling

    Bee Gosling

    Month ago

    In other videos she has used pure acetone

  • Lillian Black
    Lillian BlackMonth ago

    Is that your cat hair brush you used for the blush?

  • Sunny Braille
    Sunny BrailleMonth ago

    So cute I love it so cute love the face

  • Patrick
    PatrickMonth ago

    I like how the dollightful community specifically isn’t toxic and is mostly just a really chill and nice place ❤️

  • im under your bed
    im under your bedMonth ago

    I’ve always found dark skin tones go BEAUTIFULLY with pastels- just the contrast brings out both the outfit and the skin itself.

  • Madeline Tetrault
    Madeline TetraultMonth ago

    Beautiful! How about making doll cat that looks like my pusheen profile!

  • Random._.Rebel
    Random._.RebelMonth ago

    i use to have that doll

  • A good friend to you
    A good friend to youMonth ago

    Ok I’m pretty sure it’s a accident but she has the wlw color palette. Also this brought to my attention that ty from the stock box series has the mlm flag in his hair. Nice

  • Summer Light
    Summer LightMonth ago

    This soooo sweet

  • Talia Wohl
    Talia WohlMonth ago

    Idea for a doll ( a skater girl or boy with like longish hair on one side and a buz cut on the other

  • Niikome
    NiikomeMonth ago

    can you please do a lolita witch themed doll pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeee

  • Ryukiji Kuzelia
    Ryukiji KuzeliaMonth ago

    ahh the cat charm is Chii

  • わからない
    わからないMonth ago

    Wow she is so beautiful!! 😍🤩✨

  • Star
    StarMonth ago

    as a wheelchair user this makes me very happy :]

  • Your Amigo
    Your AmigoMonth ago

    I think dolls on wheelchair are very underrated

  • Dayne Way
    Dayne WayMonth ago

    Thank you for making my day

  • vanilla chan
    vanilla chanMonth ago

    the color pallet.. . . .. . :(

  • vanilla chan

    vanilla chan

    8 days ago

    @Leeakey its not necessarily abt the skin color i like the skin w individual parts of the outfit, the outfit all togehter, even off of the doll, would be a lil clashy imo

  • Leeakey


    8 days ago

    @vanilla chan I think it goes well together! I like the darker skin tone against the paste fabric

  • vanilla chan

    vanilla chan

    Month ago

    @Leeakey i personally dont think that there even is one. the hair and face and outfit all clash in my opinion, and not even because of the hues, just because of the differences in saturation and brightness of everything. theyre all 3 different brightnesses/saturations :(

  • Leeakey


    Month ago

    Yeah it’s beautiful!

  • Rainbow_Angel
    Rainbow_AngelMonth ago

    Can you do another doll with a missing limb I’m having trouble making a new arm for mine The one you made for Ty Tanium was to complex for my first doll

  • Shifter KT
    Shifter KTMonth ago

    Have you done a female doll with a mohawk-like hairstyle that is really long and kinda falls down on one side? Like what her hair looked like during the re-root at 2:18. Could be cool for a "serious" looking pastel character

  • Zachary Armbruster-Chi
    Zachary Armbruster-ChiMonth ago

    She’s so good at this :o

  • Nemision


    14 days ago

    Of course she is, she's been doing this for years - she was already customizing dolls long before she posted her first video and _that_ was 5 years ago!

  • yeE Thot
    yeE ThotMonth ago

    Still waiting for the day she goes to spray the doll and drops it

  • Shells Editzz
    Shells EditzzMonth ago

    The cat keychain is from an anime/animation/manga series called “Chi’s Sweet Home” and “Chi’s Sweet Adventure”, I love it a lot! I own the books

  • Robyn’s tired
    Robyn’s tiredMonth ago

    She has a wheel chair But she can stand-

  • The Viewer

    The Viewer

    18 days ago

    Yup. Not every wheelchair user is a paraplegic and most can walk without sometimes. My great grandad spent most of his life with a wheelchair due to a workplace accident, but he'd sometimes walk with a cane if he had the energy on that day.

  • Leeakey


    Month ago

    Just like some real people

  • Nemision


    Month ago

    Just like some people in real life.