Repaint! Sea Dragon Aquarien OOAK Art Doll Custom

Just in time for ‘Mermay’! Although, I guess this doll is a dragon, not a mermaid. The line’s kind of blurry with this one…. Anyway! I hope you enjoy watching how our Sea Dragon went from a humble She-Ra doll to a semi-ball-jointed, super involved, multi-layered custom art doll!

Check out the dragon playlist!

Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram: dollightfully
Twitter: Dollightfully

Popsicle sticks
Apoxy Sculpt
Air dry clay (DecoDoll)
Epoxy glue
Various armature wires
Various sandpaper grains
Dremel Tool
Hot Glue
Respirator mask
Acrylic Paints - Golden, Alpha, Liquitex brands
Cotton fabric (neon tie-dye T-shirts purchased on
Elastic and small hair elastics (2.8mm and 1mm round elastics)

Mentioned in video:
Dirili Dolls (Head shrinking techniques)
Musical tracks from:
Additional images from


  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson2 hours ago

    Imma just get my art book and sketch now....even though I am very bad at drawing let alone sketching 😂

  • Julian Janus
    Julian Janus3 hours ago

    I swear I almost cry every time I watch this video. The nonbinary doll, plus the they/them pronouns being used consistently 😭 this makes my enby heart so freaking happy

  • Alex Anteater
    Alex Anteater4 hours ago

    Ooh ooh!! Can you make them pose like a frog

  • MichyLichy 01
    MichyLichy 018 hours ago

    I thought it was a boy, but who cares is BEAUTIFUL ❤️ and I loved

  • ranger raptor
    ranger raptor14 hours ago

    the attention to detail is amazing!

  • Madyson Gamer
    Madyson Gamer17 hours ago

    Please do a mermaid one

  • Fae
    Fae19 hours ago


  • Pweep
    Pweep20 hours ago

    they look evil

  • peanut
    peanut21 hour ago

    I love this one so much, it’s gotta be my favorite, I’ve watched this video several times haha.. when it first came out I was just so happy about the fact you made a non-binary doll (still am lol) I was questioning my gender for a while and it kind of made me feel better. I love how long the body is and how it can scrunch up. I can absolutely see aqua doing little flips and spinning by a coral reef. The concept art is also one of my top favorites haha! The doll turned out practically the same as the art, the fluorescent paint works extremely well with the reef theme. These dolls need a series lol

  • Nyx Wildwar
    Nyx Wildwar23 hours ago

    nyx looks great

  • Katie Smiles
    Katie SmilesDay ago

    I think this dragon is probably my favorite of all of them

  • Avery Leake
    Avery LeakeDay ago

    I think it should be boy because all of the other dragons are girls. It would make sense to have a little gender diversity.

  • ANormalGal JustANormalGal
    ANormalGal JustANormalGalDay ago

    I love people and shows that don't just outright go 'Oh yeah, these people, they're gay' or 'they're non-binary' but more just disregarding cuz lets be frank... you don't really need to eg. here Kat never mentioned that aquarien was non-binary but she did use they/them pronouns and in The dragon Prince there are like 3 gay (1 gay and 2 lesbian) couples but no one ever just outright says it because you wouldn't say 'oh yeah, they're straight' or 'oh yeah, they're a girl/boy' and i just love it because you don't do it for straight and cisgender people but a lot of people do for lgbtq+ people but then go on to say we're all equal like wtf which is why i L O V E this channel and it's amazing owner as well as shows that respect this too

  • Jake Overr
    Jake OverrDay ago

    They are so beautiful DFYBFFUJNCGY they are my favorite one now aaaa

  • Mary Jane
    Mary JaneDay ago

    I'm still kind of disappointed that you didn't add any pink subjects and sad a pink colors for deceased theme theme Dragon thank you or I would literally I would literally folk pink

  • Mary Jane
    Mary JaneDay ago

    You are working so hard I support you I love it

  • Elio Taylor
    Elio TaylorDay ago

    AHHHHHH I've been squealing joyfully for the past half hour about tall non-binary sea dragon, truly amazing I'm literally obsessed

  • Elio Taylor

    Elio Taylor

    Day ago

    nuar bc I'm actually crying over this amazing perfect creature I love them

  • Carolyn Holody
    Carolyn HolodyDay ago

    You are super talented! I love your videos!

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • Aeris McKinney
    Aeris McKinney2 days ago

    me: *sees what she does to dolls* also me: *visable concern* oh my god i hope she isnt going insane

  • F off libtards
    F off libtards2 days ago

    Guys non binary doesn't exist xD if you are "nonbinary" and everyone has to refer to you as they/them should you not refer to yourself as we/we're/we'll ect xDD

  • Nemision


    Day ago

    @F off libtards there are more genders than male/female or man/woman, regardless of whether you're looking at biology or psychology. Now, as I said, please go be ignorant bigot someplace else, and maybe learn some proper goddamn grammar.

  • F off libtards

    F off libtards

    Day ago

    @Nemision true yes but we know you gender XD and more often then not its multiple

  • Nemision


    Day ago

    If you don't know someone's gender, you'd use "they" as a singular pronoun. Learn proper English before you start preaching your ignorant, bigoted views under the pretense of grammar.

  • Starryfox 124
    Starryfox 1242 days ago

    I have watched this video so many times because I LIVE THIS DOLL!

  • Starryfox 124

    Starryfox 124

    2 days ago


  • s3cr3tly.0p0ssum
    s3cr3tly.0p0ssum2 days ago

    this. this is the non-binary representation i wanted. i just wanted a rainbow non-binary fish dragon. - a they/it

  • Rebecca Hamilton
    Rebecca Hamilton2 days ago

    Terra: I’m the most complex doll yet! Aquarius: Are you sure about that? Edit: Aquarien* sorry for spelling error!

  • Jennifer Hutchinson
    Jennifer Hutchinson2 days ago

    Can you please bo one that you do not cut down the Body body

  • Iovinqxannie
    Iovinqxannie2 days ago

    okay but, i think this might be a cool idea but it will take a while. Can you make siblings for the element dragons out of the second best design you made for that type of dragon??

  • Felix Rose
    Felix Rose2 days ago

    I think this doll kinda represents me in a way-

  • Ant Asuncion
    Ant Asuncion2 days ago

    Type in the comics of purple heart if you make this doll

  • Lemony_milk
    Lemony_milk2 days ago

    I’m lowkey upset that the winner for colors was rainbow, bc I feel like the other two color pallets would have made much more sense as they are inspired by real fish and ocean animals. Might just be me-

  • Ant Asuncion
    Ant Asuncion2 days ago

    Is this water dragon going to be a boy or a girl

  • Nemision


    2 days ago

    They're nonbinary.

  • Maggie Goen
    Maggie Goen2 days ago

    I like how the music changes after looking at Verna for inspiration.

  • Katelyn branyon
    Katelyn branyon3 days ago

    i've been watching your videos for so long i've always been so fascinated with your work! i always wanted to buy one HAHA

  • 《•Yaboo•》
    《•Yaboo•》3 days ago

    This is my favorite doll out of all of your dolls😍 I don't know why, but to me, they just look so lovely💕

  • Femke de Vries
    Femke de Vries3 days ago

    Us = visiting Catherine’s house, Us aswel = hey! Catherine, what’s that closet about? Her = oh, THATS just my B.O.A.S Us = what? Her = *bunker of epoxy sculpt.*

  • lonely_shay
    lonely_shay3 days ago

    I live this doll so much and i love them even more now, because i, fairly recently, realised i and non-binary. This makes me feel accepted xxxxxxxx

  • Alexis Collins
    Alexis Collins3 days ago

    Me:watching dollightful while having doll thrift store shopping as a hobby My beaten up lagoona doll:please no! Me: "dont worry,I'm not at that level yet lagoona" (I love doll customizing because my fidgety habits helps me with art so,this is my new hobby...HECK YES!)

  • itz shy
    itz shy3 days ago

    how long does it take to make a doll or this doll it would take me 40 years lol

  • Medha Ramachandran
    Medha Ramachandran3 days ago

    thank you thank you THANK YOU for creating a non-binary doll. Representation matters, and seeing a doll my gender really warmed my heart and soul.

  • Unknown Young
    Unknown Young3 days ago


  • CoFFeeSEAL
    CoFFeeSEAL4 days ago

    I love anything water and fish like I want this doll SO bad

  • Froth Kitty
    Froth Kitty4 days ago

    This video made me want to watch Finding Nemo again LMAO

  • - C0nfus1ng ! -
    - C0nfus1ng ! -4 days ago

    No Offense but when it didn't have the tail it looked like a dancing frog😆im not a hater I love you're channel

  • Mischief Goblin
    Mischief Goblin4 days ago

    They're so beautiful 😍😍

  • N̶o̶a̶h̶ A̶l̶b̶e̶r̶t̶
    N̶o̶a̶h̶ A̶l̶b̶e̶r̶t̶4 days ago

    So if the doll is a boy is it trans? Since the doll you use was a girl then a boy

  • Nemision


    2 days ago

    They're nonbinary, as Katherine confirmed on Instagram

  • - Kenji -

    - Kenji -

    3 days ago

    The doll is gender non conforming neither boy nor girl, an enby

  • Reloup Mortal

    Reloup Mortal

    4 days ago

    I actually went from a girl to a non-binary person ^^`

  • Ella Hoch
    Ella Hoch4 days ago

    Non binary fish dragon non binary fish dragon non binary fish dragon non binary fish dragon

  • jello fish
    jello fish4 days ago

    Looks good but those elbow joins where a little rough 😅

  • FoxyLovers290
    FoxyLovers2904 days ago

    17:19 Can I use this as a base for a drawing? I like the pose, and thought permission would be nice. I’ll credit you if you do let me use it as a base

  • TealbloodAliez
    TealbloodAliez4 days ago

    getting gender envy from a non-binary sea dragon... i love them so much they're so pretty

  • Kidd Faith
    Kidd Faith4 days ago

    Me, wondering how the doll and other toys would react if this happened in the toy story universe.

  • ☾•~{✯Dark Star✯}~•☽
    ☾•~{✯Dark Star✯}~•☽5 days ago

    I was thinking of a zodiac or Chinese zodiac dolls but both have twelve signs so I rather not take up all your time it is just an idea

  • Poppy Sundquist

    Poppy Sundquist

    2 days ago

    She's said in a Q&A that she won't be doing a zodiac series, but other doll artists like poppen atelier have :>

  • îmñøtrëgûlãr
    îmñøtrëgûlãr5 days ago

    Dollightful:Florida Me:...Gray Still Plays... Edit:Grammar

  • îmñøtrëgûlãr
    îmñøtrëgûlãr5 days ago

    Electric Saw Tool: *screams* Me: shut up you are fine 😒

  • Werewolfoverlord12
    Werewolfoverlord125 days ago

    *has seen the ladder stitch many places and wanted to use it for other sewing projects but didnt know what it was called* thank you. Also you do amazing work holy cow.

  • Theodore Francis
    Theodore Francis5 days ago

    points gender

  • vanessa ray
    vanessa ray5 days ago

    Using they/them pronouns is such a small detail, but it means so much. You’re a good egg Katherine!

  • Perfectly _Sarcastic
    Perfectly _Sarcastic5 days ago


  • PokeMaster Zelda
    PokeMaster Zelda5 days ago

    A random thought appeared in my head and now I must inflict the pain upon all of you

  • Karkat Vantas
    Karkat Vantas5 days ago

    Should totally use all the arms you have left over to make Kali, the Hindu goddess.

  • jay s.
    jay s.5 days ago

    I love how she narrates these like a tutorial as if any of us mere mortals could ever do this ourselves

  • Deanna Vest
    Deanna Vest6 days ago

    I’ve rewatched this like 4 times. It just lights a fire to all my creative energy. I wanna do this. Imma have to see if I can do it on a budget.

  • Chloë
    Chloë6 days ago

    Ayyy I just realised it was posted just in time for pride month

  • Stormstar Studios
    Stormstar Studios6 days ago

    # Kathrine helping Afab dolls transition since her Litten Vid

  • Slushie Customs
    Slushie Customs6 days ago

    i was kinda sad you did not make an ice dragon but, since ice is kinda a sub-element to water maybe you could make an ice baby sister for aquarien using a barbie skipper babysitters inc baby doll. you could give her little blue fairy film wings and glitter for hair. you dont have to do it its just an idea.

  • •Moonlight - Blossom•
    •Moonlight - Blossom•6 days ago

    This reminds me of the first toy story when Sid takes apart the Barbie doll and attaches their body parts to different toys 😂😂

  • Jameson Jimson
    Jameson Jimson6 days ago

    so cool and ay like water dragon yay yay yay 🥰🥰🥰😘😘🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️

  • Logan Lune
    Logan Lune7 days ago

    yay rainbow non-binary dragon!

  • Piper Thompson
    Piper Thompson7 days ago

    How much joints were in the doll

  • Light _ Amulet
    Light _ Amulet7 days ago

    I can just imagine that when their shy, scared, or nervous, they just curl up and hug their tail❤️❤️ it just sounds so cute and I adore how they turned out!!!

  • Why hello there
    Why hello there8 days ago

    Is it just me or is it when the she-ra dolls heads look kinda derpy?

  • random person
    random person8 days ago

    Gosh this must be dolightful’s most expensive projects she’s ever done.

  • Fynn
    Fynn8 days ago

    i’m just gonna ramble for a bit. she was anxious about the doll being “too long” NONSENSE!! i absolutely love the lanky enby sea creature. outside of their environment they seems out of place and too long. but being around coral, seaweed, other oceanic flora. they would blend in so well! a creature who seems to be able to swim fast and over whelm prey with their “longness” they would be a beautiful predator, and is definitely my favorite of the dragon series

  • xqjade
    xqjade8 days ago


  • jessie lowry
    jessie lowry8 days ago

    i love the fact that she kept up with the non binary / gender neutral terms

  • 🍄🐸Arsøn🐸🍄
    🍄🐸Arsøn🐸🍄9 days ago

    “the wrist should line up to the crotch” me: …. *stands up and checks* Why tf my wrist line up with my mid thigh 😰

  • marsmallowtoast


    6 days ago

    You got them model proportions

  • Brianna Pearson
    Brianna Pearson9 days ago


  • Cyber Wolf
    Cyber Wolf9 days ago

    What if in a different universe that dolls are alive and they did this to us lol

  • forest demon ddaeng
    forest demon ddaeng9 days ago

    Back again. I love this colorful nonbinary fish-dragon so much 🌈💓🌈💓

  • Shannon Macey [Student]
    Shannon Macey [Student]10 days ago

    I can’t believe she didn’t use the glow in the dark blue paint on the angler fish lures 😫😖

  • Bunny bon_bon Disco_blue
    Bunny bon_bon Disco_blue10 days ago

    I feel like she made a pun about it’s the fishing rod😐🤨

  • here by accident
    here by accident11 days ago

    I think it makes sense that they are bigger than Tara. The earth is more water than land

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    Terra, not Tara.

  • Mariele Caron Vizcarra
    Mariele Caron Vizcarra11 days ago

    Lol Zaphie at the back with fishing rod 🤣

  • That one idiot
    That one idiot12 days ago

    Me, whose hands line up 2 inches above the knee and elbows line up to my hips: *what the hell is wrong with me*

  • Jazya Fields
    Jazya Fields13 days ago

    where do I even vote- (•_•)(┬┬﹏┬┬)

  • Nemision


    10 days ago

    Nowhere anymore

  • Madeline Tetrault
    Madeline Tetrault14 days ago

    If you play Legend Of Zelda, this custom looks like Sidion, tall, fish like, toothy but somehow friendly grin.

  • Nemision


    14 days ago

    They don't look anything alike 😂

  • Snazzy Tobers
    Snazzy Tobers15 days ago

    not me doing a double take when she referenced the doll as they. as a non-binary person its really nice to have representation, even if it is just a dragon doll

  • Jada Wellman
    Jada Wellman18 days ago

    i just found ur page last night and i absolutely LOVE it have u done the zodiac dolls?

  • Nemision


    17 days ago

    She hasn't, she said in her q+a that she's not interested in making the zodiacs.

  • Vick Vap
    Vick Vap19 days ago

    Imagine these dolls work like they do in toy story, and then this woman stabs, cuts, and impales them to make them beautiful- The horror, but at last, its art.

  • The Tramp
    The Tramp21 day ago

    It's been years since I watched you and now I'm back and I'm happy

  • it's just abby
    it's just abby21 day ago

    i can’t express how DELIGHTED i am that there is a non-binary dragon🥺 as a she/they gremlin, i really felt a connection to Aquarien

  • antoinette byrne
    antoinette byrne22 days ago

    Absolutely amazing 👏 my favourite dragon!

  • Rad Squad
    Rad Squad23 days ago

    omg the doll the best doll i have ever seen

  • (⛤♀) ⚧️ (♂⛧) 🏳️‍🌈
    (⛤♀) ⚧️ (♂⛧) 🏳️‍🌈23 days ago

    Me and my dad love seeing you're dolls, they always turn out so beautiful ❤️

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy23 days ago

    my mother always said not to compare myself to dolls because they create an unrealistic beauty standard and frankly i’ve never wanted to look like a doll before, but gods this doll is all i’ve ever wanted to look like

  • Angela Polk
    Angela Polk23 days ago

    Stopmoshin seres please

  • Courtney Edwards
    Courtney Edwards24 days ago


  • Courtney Edwards

    Courtney Edwards

    15 days ago

    @Nemision ohh ok

  • Nemision


    21 day ago

    No, they're nonbinary.

  • Annie Icewin
    Annie Icewin24 days ago

    * her calling aurora rainbow * Aquarien: *are you sure about that*

  • Dragon7ish
    Dragon7ish25 days ago


  • Anonymeus person
    Anonymeus person25 days ago

    Why don't she just use matte fabric paint?

  • Anonymeus person

    Anonymeus person

    5 days ago

    @Karkat Vantas Oh, ok. Thank you.

  • Karkat Vantas

    Karkat Vantas

    5 days ago

    Makes the fabric stiff

  • antoinette byrne
    antoinette byrne27 days ago


  • •Biskuit Boba•
    •Biskuit Boba•27 days ago

    Dollightful using they/them pronouns for the doll and making a gender neutral doll? *Yes please*