Repaint! Terra the Earth Dragon OOAK Art Doll Custom

Stones, roots, bark, moss, foliage, vines, flowers-the Earth Dragon has it all! Sit back and enjoy this elaborate, head-to-toe makeover of Jacy Masters, a doll from Mattel’s “Wild Hearts Crew” line, into the fourth member of our dragon crew.

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Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram: dollightfully
Twitter: Dollightfully

Vallejo brand 'Game Air' paints
%100 Acrylic yarn
Acrylic Paints - Golden, Alpha, Liquitex brands
Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint - Tulip brand
Matte Varnish
Popsicle sticks

Apoxy Sculpt
Air-dry clay - DecoDoll

Sculpy Polymer clay (Terracotta)
Epoxy glue
Various jewelry wires, paper clips
Rasps, sandpaper, wood carving tools
Dremel Tool
Cotton fabric
“Ender” 3D Printer
Mentioned in video:
Polynesian Tattoo Handbook

Logos created by Charlie Sparks charliesparksdesign.myportfol...

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  • Carolyn Holody
    Carolyn HolodyHour ago

    Terra looks fantastic! You are super talented!

  • Olivia Madden
    Olivia Madden7 hours ago

    So talented!!! 💖🙌🏾

  • Stafford Adelaide
    Stafford Adelaide10 hours ago

    The grouchy trousers neurally level because pepper baly imagine minus a tired fuel. penitent, yielding staircase

  • SmilyLily1996
    SmilyLily199614 hours ago

    I'm on a rewatch spree and a random note on the elastic: You can dye flexible materials with acrylics, but it basically has to be paint water. Not watery paint, but basically paint water. I painted some shoes wild pastel colours once and dyed the shoelaces that way and it worked really well. But I did go for a pastel colour, not a dark, saturated colour. And they miiight have a few tiny specks of paint because I didn't mix the paint well enough into the water 😂

  • RayAnimates2020
    RayAnimates2020 17 hours ago

    I'm excited for a thicker dragon doll!

  • Potato The Artist
    Potato The ArtistDay ago

    Hey Catherine! I just wanted to suggest the idea of a time dragon, who has loads of clocks on (them) and this is just a suggestion but I think it’s a cool idea!

  • Jada Wellman
    Jada WellmanDay ago

    i’d love to see ur take on an avatar (alien kind not element bending) doll

  • Gwen Rowley
    Gwen RowleyDay ago

    When you listen to someone talking about visiting Hawaii

  • Tessah R.
    Tessah R.2 days ago

    Random neighbor: honey she's hanging them now! What is this?? Is she an artist or...? Lol i love this thank u

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • Aeris McKinney
    Aeris McKinney2 days ago

    i love the dragon serise and hope you like the new seris youre going to do if you are going to.if u do one i think you should do youtubers :D. have fun making dolls :)!

  • Shellqueen28
    Shellqueen282 days ago

    I love how she actually did research and says when she isn’t sure about stuff! You love to see artists who are inclusive!

  • Peanut butter and Jellyfish
    Peanut butter and Jellyfish3 days ago

    I figured out whats weird with her face; she has a weak chin. Other then that, what a gorgeous and well reaserched doll :)

  • LovJinxx
    LovJinxx3 days ago

    👀 Were those the legless Clawdeen’s legs in the dramatic reenactment from the newest stock box vote (at the end of Guinevere’s video)? 👀

  • LovJinxx
    LovJinxx3 days ago

    I haven’t tried painting dappled lighting but I did do caustic lighting (the effect from light passing through the surface of water) and that was pretty challenging to figure out at first but the lighting effect looks so good I had to at least try. My end result wasn’t too bad and it was definitely a learning experience!

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane3 days ago

    The light look like real life I'm really impressed

  • Nene Yashiro
    Nene Yashiro3 days ago

    Tbh the side that has the normal eye looks like maleficent

  • Artenticsss
    Artenticsss3 days ago

    I think this is my favourite doll to date. The cultural meaning behind all of her details and the real life inspiration all coming together to make a gorgeous maternal earth dragon is just magical.

  • Makeda Kenyatta
    Makeda Kenyatta3 days ago

    I love the different things you added to this doll she really look like a earth dragon

  • Heiditronic
    Heiditronic4 days ago

    If you showed me the base and the new doll without telling me one was the base, I would not be able to tell

  • blue lemon ,rosey,
    blue lemon ,rosey,4 days ago

    Katherine:*peacfully cutting holes in the dolls uh ba donk adonk* The doll:*Screams*AHHHH THE PAIN THE PAINNNN

  • blue lemon ,rosey,
    blue lemon ,rosey,4 days ago

    Katherine:snipetts of elastic Me:OF A MASK FROM 2020*WHEEEEZE*

  • 🦋Vesper🧸
    🦋Vesper🧸4 days ago

    I ship zephie and terra lesbian couple 😭🖐🖐🖐

  • tobaskieh
    tobaskieh4 days ago

    Love you kath! I might do it materials T~*

  • Val Exists
    Val Exists5 days ago

    Terra is definitely that one mom friend who will gladly defend her children (the other dragons)

  • Jordyn Gardner
    Jordyn Gardner5 days ago

    Her: *Resisting the urge to make naughty jokes* me: Oh gurl ive already made at leats 20 lmao. Yeah i dont like not being innocent. I wish i could be innocent still but im not💀😂

    YMI ATINY5 days ago

    I'm always impressed at your doll planning stages and how many designs you come up with just to produce the one doll design. It's beautiful.

  • ☾•~{✯Dark Star✯}~•☽
    ☾•~{✯Dark Star✯}~•☽5 days ago

    Every video I watch was amusing so I subscribed 😚❤️

  • Mr. Blueberry
    Mr. Blueberry 5 days ago

    Absolutely fabulous ✨

  • GenZ
    GenZ5 days ago

    Girl this ain’t just a doll, it’s a whole figurine. Imagine seeing this in a glass casing in a store.

  • A proud HufflePuff
    A proud HufflePuff6 days ago

    The way the doll was made really said “sally from nightmare before Christmas”

  • VeganLinni Radfem
    VeganLinni Radfem6 days ago

    That's incredible.

  • • K i k i •
    • K i k i •6 days ago

    Fun fact: in portuguese "Terra" means earth 🙂

  • Xahlia Burston
    Xahlia Burston6 days ago

    Uh Very unrelated topic but why did my knees just almost bend backwards-

  • Mafis_player
    Mafis_player6 days ago

    You could try the echo from owerwatch :) i never see like this doll And btw love your videos💕

  • gothicanimegirl44
    gothicanimegirl446 days ago

    When you were sculpting her your could say your terraforming

  • Lily Davies
    Lily Davies6 days ago

    3D Printed tail! soo cool!

  • Mischief Goblin
    Mischief Goblin6 days ago

    Eeeee mushrooms! A doll entirely based off of mushrooms would be incredible xD

  • Jameson Jimson
    Jameson Jimson6 days ago

    I like it a lot 😘😘🥳🥰🌺🌺🌹🌲🌲🌲🌴🌴🌿🌿☘☘🍀🍀

  • GrandTheft Lemon
    GrandTheft Lemon6 days ago

    im literally speechless. this doll is breathtaking. kudos to you

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb6 days ago

    Around 6:30 she looks like a vodoo doll.

  • The.Dragonfruit
    The.Dragonfruit6 days ago

    We call these drakes, they are rock- like 4 legged dragon's

  • Madayga
    Madayga 6 days ago

    This is also my favorite doll to date!

  • Chelsea Varner
    Chelsea Varner7 days ago

    Honestly watching you saw off more limbs and create new ones, I get more excited 😊

  • Jo Risu
    Jo Risu7 days ago

    This is absolutely stunning.

  • Maria Iwaya
    Maria Iwaya7 days ago

    Terra can mean earth or dirt :/

  • CornQueen
    CornQueen7 days ago

    The magic lizard

  • Hexafolia
    Hexafolia7 days ago

    this has to be my absolute favorite dragon doll! superrrr pretty!!

  • candy demon
    candy demon7 days ago

    She looks like a toy out of a box! The only thing is she kinda lost the "dragon" look, it's more fairy but she looks beautiful! Maybe her rock hand could have been sharper like claws or even sharp crystals for her feet and hands! Love u

  • One Pirate King Luffy
    One Pirate King Luffy8 days ago

    i already commeted i believe, but again, this is one of your best dolls you made, you can be really proud of yourself!

  • Maliyah Snow
    Maliyah Snow8 days ago

    As a plus sized girl, I cherish this doll with every bit of my heart and soul. There's something so reassuring about an earthy, nature doll being plump and nourished. It makes me feel like it's okay. More than okay, it makes me feel like my body is _natural_ and beautiful and not something that I have to be ashamed of, even if the world tries so hard to demonize and discriminate against it. Thank you so so much. ❤️

  • random person
    random person9 days ago

    Dollightful is that youtuber who acts sweet and wholesome when making videos but when she’s not she makes a lot of dirty jokes.

  • Light _ Amulet
    Light _ Amulet9 days ago

    You really inspire me to make cosplays of these characters! Problem is, I don’t know how or where to start

  • Strange Strangers-Podcast
    Strange Strangers-Podcast9 days ago

    This has got to be my favorite dragon

  • potato :D
    potato :D9 days ago

    is it just me or does she look like she would be the stern but nice lunch-lady everyone likes?

  • Shaiane O Hara
    Shaiane O Hara11 days ago

    I definitely like Phoenix is because it’s soooo cool and I loved the terra dragon as well really cool dragon by the way and I love it so much.😉😉😉😉😉

  • Ida Marklund
    Ida Marklund12 days ago

    OMG you are so good att this how do you do tat

  • smile
    smile12 days ago

    Random idea here but- if she was real, I imagine that the light on her skin moves around slightly, like the way it would move when wind passes through the trees. I'm not good at explaining but maybe like the idea of moving tattoos? Idk lol

  • Jo Studio
    Jo Studio12 days ago

    I think Dollightful forgot her eye shines. Fix please?

  • Nemision


    12 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that was on purpose

  • ʟᴇᴍᴏɴᴀᴅᴇ
    ʟᴇᴍᴏɴᴀᴅᴇ14 days ago

    I'm just trying to understand HOW THE HECK U ARE SO GOD DAMN TALENTED-

  • Rylee Reich
    Rylee Reich15 days ago


  • Jade Owens
    Jade Owens16 days ago

    I want to buy your dolls so much uwu but I probably can't so my dream is crushed.......I can still dream tho uwu

  • AGirlWithAMillionFandoms 2018
    AGirlWithAMillionFandoms 201817 days ago

    29:08 and 2:40

  • Vizaroid
    Vizaroid18 days ago

    22:50 I love the socks!

  • Madeline Tetrault
    Madeline Tetrault18 days ago

    I wanted her name to be FLORAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollitza
    Lollitza18 days ago

    *Dollightful being good at everything art related* Me: Mother look I’ve made a hand turkey.

  • Jada Wellman
    Jada Wellman18 days ago

    stunning💚💚 but i really wanna know how much she weighs bc of all the modifications

  • sidney greenglass
    sidney greenglass20 days ago

    Just WOW!

  • Kiley Rolando
    Kiley Rolando22 days ago

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  • Kiley Rolando
    Kiley Rolando22 days ago

    The sour copper phongsaly settle because title methodically bathe anenst a flawless meat. lazy, dear sparrow

  • wildlylucky
    wildlylucky23 days ago

    15:40 is the timestamp of the acrylic paint tip, in case anyone like me can't find it when they need it-

  • Courtney Edwards
    Courtney Edwards23 days ago

     I bet it hurts to get punched by her left hand

  • Angela Polk
    Angela Polk23 days ago

    You ded

  • Nemision


    12 days ago


  • Creeper_chasm
    Creeper_chasm24 days ago

    I’ma Draw her if you want I can post the drawing on my USplan channel :)

  • Anonymeus person
    Anonymeus person25 days ago

    I can see this doll being inspired by Te Fiti from Moana. Examples: swirl on the palm, dreadlocks, Polynesian culture,...

  • Beineboo stuidos Wow
    Beineboo stuidos Wow26 days ago

    I am sure it would hurt getting punched by the right hand !!

  • Leann Watson
    Leann Watson26 days ago

    The tale looks like onyx The Pokémon🪨

  • ThatNerdyChiick Vibes
    ThatNerdyChiick Vibes26 days ago

    Absolutely stunning work of art! So much research and detail put into her 😍

  • katpotato
    katpotato27 days ago

    I dont think thats my leavel of doll cuz i have never made one

  • alison blake
    alison blake29 days ago

    please ignore all the thumbs down count. you're amazing. don't compare yourself to other artists. YOU'RE AWESOME.

  • azari fernandez
    azari fernandez29 days ago

    you are so good

  • jayce gibbard
    jayce gibbard29 days ago

    I am in looove with your videos💕 and all the dolls you make are so cool that I got my brother to kinda watch your videos😎💕

  • luz x amity ❤👌🏻
    luz x amity ❤👌🏻Month ago

    The start one was FAT AS HECK

  • luz x amity ❤👌🏻

    luz x amity ❤👌🏻

    17 days ago

    @Ollie Does Art I didn't mean it that way :

  • luz x amity ❤👌🏻

    luz x amity ❤👌🏻

    17 days ago

    Also sorry for saying it

  • The Viewer

    The Viewer

    17 days ago


  • Ollie Does Art

    Ollie Does Art

    29 days ago

    You're a jerk.

  • Sama 001
    Sama 001Month ago

    I am amazed at the result :0 Though- I feel like if she did have wings they would be BIG and strong So maybe they would(‘ve) been woodlike and viney or leafy and viney Since Terra means ‘mom/mother’ and she would be the mother dragon since she is EARTH. It also would make sense for big wings So her wings would be heavy and not used much for flying and used for gliding. I also think maybe she should be able to ‘shed’ her wings/scales since that is what happens with tree leaves. 😌 but I am happy with the results !

  • JenNi
    JenNiMonth ago

    You are crazy talented! My friend recommended this video to me and I'm so glad she did. The only thing is the term 'dreadlocks' is offensive as the hairstyle was seen as disgusting or unsightly. The right term to use is 'locs'.

  • Miss wanna die
    Miss wanna dieMonth ago

    Terra meens Darth if you dident know

  • Katie Wong
    Katie WongMonth ago

    aiiiiiiiiie wahtdya know my teacher is also named terra

  • Emily Clarke
    Emily ClarkeMonth ago

    i think you are awesome! ☺️ you are such a good artist and very talented! 👍🏻

  • lucy7040 lucy7040
    lucy7040 lucy7040Month ago


  • Marble taking a bath
    Marble taking a bathMonth ago

    No one: Katherine: *casually makes a new head for her doll*

  • Twilla Catron
    Twilla CatronMonth ago

    3:05 That's why I have Daisy and Lizzy and the other female members of there water family a curvy body

  • Emily Chang
    Emily ChangMonth ago

    If she was human she would the protective strong mother type So basically Mother Nature

  • Cryptic-king 666
    Cryptic-king 666Month ago

    Terra is the Roman version of Gaia so it’s very fitting while still being a godly earth figure

  • The Rabbit HABIT Forgot
    The Rabbit HABIT ForgotMonth ago

    At 8:44 it almost looks like the stone mask from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • //TankMan //
    //TankMan //Month ago

    App 3D?

  • Joy Collins
    Joy CollinsMonth ago


  • Alexia Perry
    Alexia PerryMonth ago

    Doctor(Dollightful): alright your head needs to be removed so you'll die :/ doll: WAIT NO- (cuts head off) Doctor(dollightful): WELP LETS MAKE A HEAD WITH WIRE NOWZ >:)))

  • Alexia Perry
    Alexia PerryMonth ago

    0:38 i thought that the tree branch log thing was the girl in the white shirt's arms lol

  • Faustern
    FausternMonth ago

    21:17 i believe that speicies of mushroom is called turkey tail

  • QittiKat Studios
    QittiKat StudiosMonth ago

    The red wire used in the mod faze adds to the gruesomeness imo