Sketch With Me! #9 Sporty Girls

Surfing, snowboarding, and roller skating! Let’s break in a new sketchbook.
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  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • Devilla Dawn
    Devilla Dawn5 days ago

    OMG! Your dolls and drawings are amazing!!! :O And cats are adoeable

  • PokeMaster Zelda
    PokeMaster Zelda6 days ago

    Me the whole video: *Nails*

  • Author chan's Fox
    Author chan's Fox6 days ago

    I'm amazing qt everything except the body

  • iEatRach
    iEatRach8 days ago

    Please make a coloring book I would buy it your art is so pretty

  • ˢʰʸᵃⁿⁿ
    ˢʰʸᵃⁿⁿ15 days ago

    wait you should definitely make some of these stickers and a coloring book weee

  • Natalie Glynn
    Natalie GlynnMonth ago

    The roller derby pose looks totally legit! I used to go with my friend to watch her mom skate and this totally looks like something you’d see on the rink haha

  • Amanda Purello
    Amanda PurelloMonth ago

    those girls are so cute and badass looking

  • boop _oop
    boop _oopMonth ago

    Uhh.. the second one is a skateboarding move :

  • Chris No last name
    Chris No last nameMonth ago

    For graphite and charcoal there are some sealants that keep them from smudging but that is kind of intense for quick sketches

  • andrea
    andreaMonth ago

    Would you ever consider making a hijabi doll? :)

  • A Woods
    A WoodsMonth ago

    These all turned out great! I love how you colored them, too! And I always appreciate representation. Speaking of, I challenge you to make a heavily overweight but still adorable doll.

  • Jennifer Cloar
    Jennifer CloarMonth ago


  • Sans undertale
    Sans undertaleMonth ago


  • Carlisle L
    Carlisle LMonth ago

    Cute nails! 😍

  • Emma lee
    Emma leeMonth ago

    I would love it so much if you would make an animal doll series !!!

  • kxspher
    kxspherMonth ago

    It’s weird how you’re sketchbook drawing style looks kinda “urban”? Or “street style”? But your personal overall aesthetic looks cute on USplan and the dolls are more cutetsy or kawaii oriented I just find it interesting, you’re an amazing artist at whatever you do💗✨

  • kween Amaya😚
    kween Amaya😚Month ago

    Can i get a doll

  • Nemision


    12 days ago

    Make one

  • T.Vanlalhruaii Mahruaii
    T.Vanlalhruaii MahruaiiMonth ago

    Green nales

  • sweatpantsprincess
    sweatpantsprincessMonth ago

    Will you be drawing for Mer-May?

  • Nyssa V
    Nyssa VMonth ago

    It looks so good! Like there animated!

  • crazyalpaca 2020
    crazyalpaca 2020Month ago

    Hi im a really big fan i draw but i turn pokemon into people but i luv ur art

  • rot
    rotMonth ago


  • Maria Sousa
    Maria SousaMonth ago

    *not me obsessed with the art style*

  • LeahTheYandereDragon
    LeahTheYandereDragonMonth ago

    *BIG BRAIN MOMENT:* Make them into stickers to sell!!

  • Toxic Unicorn
    Toxic UnicornMonth ago

    These videos are always so inspiring!

  • Noah
    NoahMonth ago

    Damm girl, did you found that sketchbook online or in a shop of your area? Need one like that so badly. Specially because someone of my work stole my book and materials :/

  • the gimini ♊
    the gimini ♊Month ago

    You inspired me to do art

  • Pastel Star
    Pastel StarMonth ago

    Sketchbook tour?? :D

  • Seoyoon Kim
    Seoyoon KimMonth ago

    I'm Korean too so I understand sometimes when you use it

  • Stella Chalke
    Stella ChalkeMonth ago

    Just as an idea, you could make some of these amazing sketches into dolls. I think this would be a great idea to combine both of these passions and make you more motivated

  • MysteryMind
    MysteryMindMonth ago

    I feel like her style changed lol

  • Jakkietheteddybear Izrailevsky
    Jakkietheteddybear IzrailevskyMonth ago

    Wow ur eraser works!

  • Khandro Tashi
    Khandro TashiMonth ago

    I like to sketch on a sketch to save some pages

  • DrawnWithLove
    DrawnWithLoveMonth ago

    Dollightful: Sporty girl- Me, a lonely bisexual who loves stronk women: *finally some good food*

  • Nadirah Putidinanti
    Nadirah PutidinantiMonth ago

    Hi dolighful! i have an idea for you!,can you make Little nightmares doll? if you can Great! thanks :)

  • Lily M
    Lily MMonth ago


  • Blanca Rodriguez
    Blanca RodriguezMonth ago

    Please do the BTS guys, I really hope to see those dolls

  • Tota Atheer
    Tota AtheerMonth ago

    Can you make luffy from one piece doll

  • luminescent Embers
    luminescent EmbersMonth ago

    Hey dollightful I have an idea for maybe another character you can make in the future say you have maybe a doll that has a broken neck Peg instead of fixing the broken neck Peg try making a doll around future you don't have to I was just suggesting an idea

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie CatMonth ago

    I was just wondering if you could do a my hero Academia themed doll and persificly Shoto Todoroki I know you won’t see this but I hope you do because I would love to see my favourite doll customiser do my favourite character and I love you videos by the way I have been watching for a long time

  • jul j
    jul j2 months ago

    Can you make a coloring book?

  • Paisley myer
    Paisley myer2 months ago

    You should make a angle doll

  • Allison clark
    Allison clark2 months ago

    You did the first page on by birthday 🎂

  • Anika Bananika
    Anika Bananika2 months ago

    WOW! 😻I love to watch talented artists! It’s so entertaining and calming at the same time. Btw.: New subscriber here. 🙌🏻 The first video I saw was when you’ve done Noelle and in my opinion, she’s one of the most beautiful dolls, I’ve ever seen! 🥰 I would also love to see, if you would make an Easter doll family (Bunny, Flora, Eostre, Chic Chick/CC...) That would be fabulous! Great work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lillie Duggan
    Lillie Duggan2 months ago

    you are an amazing creator but i have a small suggestion or idea but since its getting closer to june (pride month) could you make dolls like based off different sexualities like a series ?

  • Liary
    Liary2 months ago

    Do a large doll make over, i think it would be a relly cool project! Even if it take you years, I'll wait ❤️

  • Kim
    Kim2 months ago

    can you make a homestuck character

  • Avery Germain
    Avery Germain2 months ago

    Do you think you can make a doll for each zodiac sign like based off their goddesses I think that would be really cool 😎😎😎

  • May
    May2 months ago

    You should customize a bunch of dolls with a sport theme! Edit: Didn't mean to sound demanding it was just a suggestion :)

  • LeannSis WBejarano
    LeannSis WBejarano2 months ago

    Dollightful hi am new and i love you videos but can you plz do one doll, her name is mitsurt kanroji from demon slayer. :)

  • lina thun
    lina thun2 months ago

    1,69 million 👍

  • Trinity Cramer
    Trinity Cramer2 months ago

    It would be so cool if you did something like the 4 seasons or strawberry shortcake!

  • Ayako Tami
    Ayako Tami2 months ago

    I just put an order for those notebooks. Did the sketch in two different sizes and ruled same way. They'll come in a lot of use. 😁 You have some cute stuff there and I'll be telling others about them.

  • Gemmy_is_Gummy
    Gemmy_is_Gummy2 months ago

    I love your art style!! Also coming from my neighbor (who is a roller derby icon) that drawing of the roller girl is pretty accurate!!

  • kiiki
    kiiki2 months ago

    i want to buy a sketchbook so much but i cant order it from brazil :( plssssssssss

  • nişoş | #saveralph
    nişoş | #saveralph2 months ago

    What is your favori doll?

  • ArtPawZ
    ArtPawZ2 months ago

    Hello can I make doll clothes with a brother sewing machine

  • Eyram lumor
    Eyram lumor2 months ago

    Ahh yes I'm back form my 10 month dollightful break the last video I watched of her was the terra the earth dragon doll it's good to be back ☺️

  • Mad Dodge
    Mad Dodge2 months ago

    I have a suggestion for a doll, you should make Todoroki from My Hero Academia, why because you use a tea ketle for warming water right, he is scared of tea ketles because his mom burnt his face with one.

  • Mad Dodge

    Mad Dodge

    2 months ago

    @kiiki it was a joke but it would be cool to see her make him

  • kiiki


    2 months ago

    dude thats mean :(

  • TheWolfGirl 1015
    TheWolfGirl 10152 months ago

    I love your videos, and was wondering if you could do a video or series on a Avatar the Last Airbender doll collection/ make over?

  • Gia Reyes
    Gia Reyes2 months ago

    Hi dollighfull I'm a very big fan and I was wondering if you could draw a cottage core lesbian or a cottage core or a frog thing doll ? ❤️

  • Sexy nootmare
    Sexy nootmare2 months ago

    What about a ice dragon?

  • Sexy nootmare

    Sexy nootmare

    2 months ago

    Oh... Then nvm

  • kiiki


    2 months ago

    she already finished the dragon series

  • Chicken Movie
    Chicken Movie2 months ago

    You should make a Street fashion dragon :)

  • Danielle Hopkins
    Danielle Hopkins2 months ago

    You should totally make some Animal Crossing doll customs!

  • Lara Schriver
    Lara Schriver2 months ago

    You should reroot a rainbow high doll!

  • ChiChiArts
    ChiChiArts2 months ago

    I liked the snow boarder the best..that all I really have to say...erm...have a nice day XD

  • Sophia Becerra
    Sophia Becerra2 months ago

    Can you make a dragon ball doll

  • Traci West
    Traci West2 months ago

    you should make a doll soccer sires

  • Blond or rainbow ?
    Blond or rainbow ?2 months ago

    Remember when you used to do pixel painting, well I was wondering what the app you used was

  • kiiki


    2 months ago

    i think it was photoshop, or illustrador

  • Why r u here

    Why r u here

    2 months ago

    probably procreate

  • La Lesia Beauty and Fashion
    La Lesia Beauty and Fashion2 months ago

    Can you please make a The Twilight Princess Zelda Doll?

  • BethTheBear
    BethTheBear2 months ago

    I absaloutely love your drawings They are so detailed. SUBBED! Now let me see more I want to see more of they dolightful drawings! Heh see what I did there?

  • Logan cringy Flores
    Logan cringy Flores2 months ago

    can you make a yourself a doll but when you talking the intros your mouth is open

  • Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas2 months ago

    Seven deadly sins

  • Ashleigh Little
    Ashleigh Little2 months ago

    I’m really looking forward to your next video. I love your content

  • Melissa Flores
    Melissa Flores2 months ago

    I think you should add more dragons to the dragon series

  • kiiki


    2 months ago

    infortunally, she already finished :(

  • Melissa Flores

    Melissa Flores

    2 months ago


  • Melissa Flores

    Melissa Flores

    2 months ago

    I have bin seeing the dragon series for like 2000 time i want knew dragons plzzzzzzzz

  • Lannah Collins
    Lannah Collins2 months ago

    Delightful can u please do a bee themed doll i would die internally bc I know u make it adorable 😄

  • kiiki


    2 months ago

    aaaaaah that would be cute

  • Aaesha Sayed
    Aaesha Sayed2 months ago

    hiiiii can you make a doll based on a cute purple dragon i love purple and draaaaaaaaaaaaagons and i love your videos so much so i will subscribe to you :D

  • Evelyn mushroom
    Evelyn mushroom2 months ago

    Am I the only one that when they saw the snow boarder pose an saw miya from sk8 the infinity 😅

  • Ava Norton
    Ava Norton2 months ago

    I love your nails!

  • Ren Wil
    Ren Wil2 months ago

    you should make a octopus girl! an octopus doll

  • The Petersons
    The Petersons2 months ago

    You should make Animal Crossing Dolls!

  • Jeanette LaBrosciano
    Jeanette LaBrosciano2 months ago

    hiiii ok, so if you sand the hinges then gesso them then paint them then varnish them the paint should stick 😊 this is for future dolls with wings and stuff

  • Horse Girl
    Horse Girl2 months ago

    What’s your cat’s name

  • Crystal Rain
    Crystal Rain2 months ago

    Okay, I know it's not polite, because Katherine just wanted to relax and draw, but those three girls would be a cool ooak mini-series

  • Lily
    Lily2 months ago

    I know this must be annoying but I'm commenting again because I know you get a lot of comments and I hope this reaches you idk if you'll see this since I know this happened a few months ago, i know you don't want people defending the wendigo doll but I do think you should LISTEN to native people who are telling you that the doll is not offensive and that they were happy to see their beautiful legend interpreted into your own art. All I'm saying is you should listen to the people you were afraid of offending and listen to what they have to say. that they are not offended and loved what you created from their legend. I am not trying to defend the doll, I just wished you listened to them is all about what they ACTUALLY think about the doll. to be a better creator you should listen to your audience. Also people who re upload many natives in the comments talk about loving and missing the doll. Please just hear what they have to say before assuming everyone was offended

  • Liekki
    Liekki2 months ago

    are you using a different mic or something, i feel like your voice sounds different

  • VELARDE, Hannah Sofia B.
    VELARDE, Hannah Sofia B.2 months ago

    When shes having trouble with the feat/shoe while I cant even draw the whole body except for the head :DD

  • Ava
    Ava2 months ago

    Katherine: *attempts to draw a skateboard girl but turns out she was on a snowboard pose * my braini: * Sk8: the infinity Langa Flashbacks *

  • Tamati Te-tomo
    Tamati Te-tomo2 months ago

    You should do a spirit animal series plss

  • Cohen Olson
    Cohen Olson2 months ago

    i will pay you to make a zoroark pokamon doll

  • THE chill doge
    THE chill doge2 months ago

    Is there going to be an Easter doll?

  • Wave Breyer
    Wave Breyer2 months ago

    Hey dolightful (sorry if I did not spell that right) but remember when you did the evee evolution well have you heard of spookeon or toxeon well Apparently there are more evee evolutions and if you would like to make them as dolls or draw them I can send you all there names by the way you don’t have to make them dolls or draw them it’s you choice if you would like

  • Luke Bowman
    Luke Bowman2 months ago

    omg i love the belly roles on the third girl and also as an idea what you could do get a big piece of paper and draw al types of people big small tall short long hair short hair males females i would love to see you draw that

  • Em ma
    Em ma2 months ago

    Off topic but your nail is so pretty and match your shirt 0-0

  • kyijah chandler
    kyijah chandler2 months ago

    The surfer reminds me a lot of One Piece. Idk, when she described the body proportions all I saw was Naomi(?) The red headed navigator. Anyway, your art style is awesome.

  • doggo games !!!!!!!!!!
    doggo games !!!!!!!!!!2 months ago

    hi can you make a doll from the dragon prince of something like that pls plus I really love ur doll designs!

  • Kellog's Cereal
    Kellog's Cereal2 months ago

    for your next doll can you do a hornet form hollow knight please?

    ZALA BARBIŠ2 months ago

    Your shirt and nails remember me on leprechauns

  • SokhkhoOikko
    SokhkhoOikko2 months ago

    Can you draw ballet dancer??