STOCK BOX Repaint! Jade Lolita Fashion Art Doll OOAK

Let's call this the finale of STOCK BOX SEASON 1, shall we? Hope you enjoy this unpredictable custom. What to do with Luna...

That pinterest board with the tattoo inspiration I talked about:

Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram: dollightfully
Twitter: Dollightfully

New to customizing? Start here!

Nylon doll hair from
Reroot-tool and Galaxy Glue - from
Acrylic Paints - Liquitex Matte Varnish
Liquitex High Gloss Varnish
Watercolor Pencils
Kneaded eraser
Mr. Super Clear Sealant UV Flat (wear a filtration mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Acrylic yarn
Various cotton fabrics and lace

Mentioned in video:
Instagram user @patrickcustom
Musical tracks from:


  • Julian Janus
    Julian Janus6 hours ago

    This is the video I watch when I need motivation to sew

  • Alex Anteater
    Alex Anteater18 hours ago

    So u know how most of your dragons have belly scales well if u get another moth then u can at least use the segments ( I'm pretty sure she has belly segments but Idk) so essentially its a guide for where to put the scales and everything but Idk in just observing

  • Angela Cooper
    Angela CooperDay ago

    So you should do a giveaway and give some people some dolls

  • Jada Wellman
    Jada WellmanDay ago anyone else slightly upset about not getting to see magnolia made??? iโ€™m really curious on how u added more arms?!?

  • Lydia Harvey
    Lydia HarveyDay ago

    8:28 Love that outfit

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™;)

  • Kayla em
    Kayla em2 days ago

    i come for the sculpting

  • Nouvalian Ramadhan
    Nouvalian Ramadhan2 days ago


  • Bleu Azur
    Bleu Azur3 days ago

    Cathrine: they won't be mad people: ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY!

  • Candy Cadate
    Candy Cadate4 days ago

    Captions blocked out the word flocking

  • Non-binary Gopher
    Non-binary Gopher5 days ago

    4:14 *Didโ€ฆ.did you just water board the doll?*

  • Rebecca Lesure
    Rebecca Lesure6 days ago

    I think you should make more lolita Dolls I love It is so adorable and I wish I had something like that in real life!โค

  • Jade Shackleford
    Jade Shackleford6 days ago

    My name is Jade

  • Crystal Chorus
    Crystal Chorus6 days ago

    I'd love to think that Jade's head gets cold in the winter cause of her short hair which is why she opted for such a big poofy hood

  • Leo
    Leo7 days ago

    Honestly, now with the apology about the wendigo and the video being taken down, would it be possible or even reasonable removing tatsou's tattoo of her? Hmm

  • Rosemary Hill
    Rosemary Hill7 days ago

    When she Rerooted the hair kind of looked like shinshilo from my hero academia

  • Faustern
    Faustern7 days ago

    Go to 2:39 with captions on... ๐Ÿคฃ wth is โ€œrear ootingโ€ ?????????????

  • Hernandez Flores, Valery (11HQS/2021)
    Hernandez Flores, Valery (11HQS/2021)8 days ago

    Absolutely love the doll but I wanna know if you made as videos for the doll that has an extra pair of arms๐Ÿค”

  • Txlxp
    Txlxp8 days ago

    3:51 * that you..*

  • Paper Flowers
    Paper Flowers8 days ago

    The fact that you made sure the doll was still African American, was amazing! Thank you for having diversity in your dolls!

  • ใผใƒผใ‚‹ใบใ‚“ใบใ‚“
    ใผใƒผใ‚‹ใบใ‚“ใบใ‚“9 days ago


  • Quinn Gardner
    Quinn Gardner12 days ago

    this is for sure my favourite doll you've made. honey was always my fav character because shes so spunky and her hair for her doll is AMAZING

  • Jada Wellman
    Jada Wellman18 days ago

    im new and not sure if u have one but i would LOVE to see a chinese dragon themed doll ๐Ÿฅบโค๏ธ

  • a a

    a a

    11 days ago

    That would be amazing!! The third โ€œlastโ€ doll in the dragon series ๐Ÿ˜‚ even if the character wasnโ€™t a literal dragon that sounds so cool I think zephie might have been kinda Chinese dragon inspired though? Idk itโ€™s been a while since Iโ€™ve seen that video lol

  • mango toe hoe
    mango toe hoe20 days ago

    defo my fav hairstyle youโ€™ve done wow

  • Anne Vistesen
    Anne Vistesen25 days ago

    What does OOAK mean?

  • Pee Poo

    Pee Poo

    18 days ago

    One of a kind

  • Arsha Babu
    Arsha Babu25 days ago

    Am I the only one confused about of the black people comments?? I don't understand since she's green-

  • Arsha Babu

    Arsha Babu

    16 days ago

    @Nemision oooh-

  • Nemision


    17 days ago

    The features are clearly modeled after African Americans.

  • CookiexxRoblox RobloxFan
    CookiexxRoblox RobloxFanMonth ago

    Jadฤ™ is my fav dรณล‚l she is like the cancer sign even tho im a gemini, shes still cute!

  • angelina wild
    angelina wildMonth ago

    Iโ€™m still sad about the moth girl being switched.

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    She used her for something else

  • Nemision


    17 days ago

    She already made the moth as well?

  • Erin Hollow
    Erin HollowMonth ago

    Wait! I feel like I should know this but why is Iggy wearing a dress?

  • Big Caca
    Big CacaMonth ago

    what is the doll on her channel with four arms?

  • Nemision


    17 days ago

    That's a doll she made for someone else. There's no videos of it.

  • Fluffy Dream
    Fluffy DreamMonth ago

    Her dress is so lovely!

  • M.A.D Dragon
    M.A.D DragonMonth ago

    My little sister still thought she looked like fluttershy

  • Babys Scooper Trap
    Babys Scooper TrapMonth ago

    So this is luna

  • Abigail Siemens
    Abigail SiemensMonth ago

    my dad's dog riped me stuft cat and i had a soeing kit and i fixed it.

  • kaxle
    kaxleMonth ago

    3 of the dolls have now been fully customized

  • Kylee Seavey
    Kylee SeaveyMonth ago

    did anyone else see that iggy's dress changed? (sorry if i misspelled her name)

  • a a

    a a

    11 days ago

    Ooo yeah it looks so pretty! Like a sunflower almost

  • Leqsr
    LeqsrMonth ago

    me: watches dollightful after a bad day me, after watching dollightful: today was good :]

  • ImSoTrustfrated
    ImSoTrustfratedMonth ago

    I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A DOLL. Katherine should make a greek god/goddess as a doll (like athena, hades, hermes etc) and add her own twists and make then how she sees or imagines the god/goddess, and add some of their original Greek mythology clothing, armour etc. In short, a greek god/goddess as a doll would be so cool

  • Yuri Shiranui
    Yuri Shiranui2 months ago

    17:33 You said flocking but the captions said something else.... What's wrong with USplan?

  • Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado2 months ago

    Hi I know Iโ€™m pretty late but if you want a more African name I have a lot Sianda Anna Nelie if you what for the future

  • Sarah Ginsberg
    Sarah Ginsberg2 months ago


  • Virginia Cain
    Virginia Cain2 months ago

    I would love to be a dragon.

  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel2 months ago

    Funny this is Easter was yesterday for me

  • Random Hooman
    Random Hooman2 months ago

    Here's something funny that I saw well she was throwing down the hair is she was like I want to do pastels and then out of the blue icy hello Neon pink what you doing there that just something that's funny to me just really quickly I'm not complaining I'm just saying that that made me laugh a little

  • BNHA Texting stories
    BNHA Texting stories2 months ago

    It would be so cool if someone made one of her dressโ€™s irl not just for dolls but for humans too!

  • Meredith Arndt
    Meredith Arndt2 months ago


  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago


  • a a

    a a

    11 days ago

    Care to elaborate?

  • Morgan Rice
    Morgan Rice2 months ago

    she better put the abandoned moth girl in a vid

  • Lotti B
    Lotti B2 months ago

    Me, in my head: I really like the second one, but I'm late, so he Y'all: second one!!! Me: GATHP (ใƒปoใƒป)

  • wolfy ruby
    wolfy ruby2 months ago

    Me drawing pinkie: Kat: she looks like fluttershy! Me: HAHAHA

  • Eliana Ismail
    Eliana Ismail2 months ago


  • -X The Lps Cat-
    -X The Lps Cat-2 months ago

    GoTh mOth , GoTh mOth , GoTH MoTh

  • GuterAlmdudler
    GuterAlmdudler2 months ago

    No one can be mad at this. This is not racist

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    Nobody said it was

  • memo
    memo2 months ago

    โ€œshe looks like fluttershyโ€ um... thatโ€™s what we all want. make the mane six as dolls, you coward! ๐Ÿ’•

  • Nyx the JJBA and Tomodachi Life Fan

    Nyx the JJBA and Tomodachi Life Fan

    Month ago

    Hextian did the mane six as dolls if you're interested.

  • Cassie Landara
    Cassie Landara2 months ago

    I was also thinking she looked like fluttershy-

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C2 months ago

    she is FIERCE!!

    AJACK2 months ago


  • Charlotte Ake
    Charlotte Ake2 months ago

    (me rewatching this is 2021) ... Y'all know what happed to wendigo

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    She took the video down because visual representations of wendigos are offensive to the native cultures they're from.

  • Cass. Cassandra
    Cass. Cassandra2 months ago

    Ok but a high-fashion cyborg sounds amazing

  • Ivy Whittaker
    Ivy Whittaker2 months ago

    Moth girl: KATHRINE!!!! You took everything from me and now I am lying around with no face and I am sad.๐Ÿ˜ขManny: IDK who you are and if I took something from you im'a sorry?

  • Erin Hollow
    Erin Hollow2 months ago

    Kathryn: Flocking USplan subtitles: FUCKING

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen2 months ago


  • KittyKatGamer
    KittyKatGamer2 months ago

    OMG she is so cuteโ™ก

  • gender fluid
    gender fluid2 months ago

    Ive watched this video around 6 times. This us my 6th i think. Anyways lets focus on how this person and making dolls on youtube in general helped me through a horrible mental state its also culturally acurate, inclusive, and just beautiful pieces of art. Thank you dollightful. Your videos really helped me.

  • night mist
    night mist2 months ago

    Iggyโ€™s dress today is โœจbeautifulโœจ

  • Ali Hay
    Ali Hay2 months ago

    This is my favorite. โค๏ธ

  • Rick Hall
    Rick Hall2 months ago

    I love your work but I donโ€™t like this one but itโ€™s cute

  • Berta Schuster
    Berta Schuster2 months ago

    Watching this back I kinda like the yellow one way more but Iโ€™m not hear to judge

  • darkprotogirl
    darkprotogirl2 months ago

    This is from the future! Luna got a wonderful episode!

  • Oof :3
    Oof :32 months ago

    Ohhhh she's so pretty!! :D her outfit is really cute and her hair OMGGGGGG! :O

  • Emma X
    Emma X3 months ago


  • Kikara Mochi
    Kikara Mochi3 months ago

    I won't get mad

  • Kinet
    Kinet3 months ago

    You make me want to watch the show again

  • Buckwheat Buckwheat
    Buckwheat Buckwheat3 months ago

    11:03 Mini Katherine Lurking In The Background...

  • Emily Rodriguez
    Emily Rodriguez3 months ago

    I hate it her hair is ugly

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    Then don't comment.

  • Emily Rodriguez

    Emily Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    @Lolcookie309 I sorry ๐Ÿ˜ž I didn't mean to send ๐Ÿ˜” its l don't like it

  • Lolcookie309


    2 months ago

    Srry i just love dollightfuls stuff there are sooo cool

  • Choke on a tictac

    Choke on a tictac

    2 months ago

    @Lolcookie309 Yes you are a child so you don't understand how dollightfull couldn't care less about internet trolls or haters. Also walk of a short pier? That's the worst insult I've ever received please do try harder next time.

  • Choke on a tictac

    Choke on a tictac

    2 months ago

    @Lolcookie309 Do me a favour and stop spamming someone just because they dislike the design of a doll. Children these days smh

  • Erin Bathie-Moore
    Erin Bathie-Moore3 months ago

    Hey Katherine! I've seen you bring in multiple boxes of used Monster High dolls, and I was wondering where you got them from? I'm a beginner in doll customising, the only dolls I have are ones from my childhood and some of them are special; like my Gi Gi Grant doll. Any suggestions?

  • Erin Bathie-Moore

    Erin Bathie-Moore

    2 months ago

    @fawn thanks

  • fawn


    2 months ago

    shes mentioned in a video before that she gets used toy lots from Ebay! they sell for relatively cheap if I remember correctly

  • TiBun
    TiBun3 months ago

    Her hair style reminds me of Nathan from Tiger and Bunny and I love it.

  • Camila R.
    Camila R.3 months ago

    ok but like did anyone else think Shinsou from My Hero Academia before she flattened the hair out? XD

  • Jade and mady purple cat Reed
    Jade and mady purple cat Reed3 months ago

    Lthis is amazing! Btw my name is Jade๐Ÿ˜

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust3 months ago

    What does Lolita mean-

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    just Google it

  • TheUnNamedBoog
    TheUnNamedBoog3 months ago

    When I saw you choosing the shirt colours I was like... TRANS MOTH????? :O

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith3 months ago

    omfg she look like shinsou hitoshi from bnha with her hair after she first finished putting it in her head

  • JaeSings
    JaeSings3 months ago

    15:16 :0 She snatch her weave!!! :0

  • JaeSings
    JaeSings3 months ago

    This is how many people want to see Katherine and Moriah Elizabeth do a collab where Moriah comes up with the concept and Kat makes the doll (Btw not my comment just liked what they commented and wanted to see it happen :) )

  • Jayonna Ivory
    Jayonna Ivory3 months ago

    Why you donโ€™t use eyelashes

  • Neo Politan
    Neo Politan3 months ago

    Ok, Katherine, I love this doll but, ........YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN CURE SHORT FLUFFY PIGTAILS!! THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN ADORABLE!! The final result is amazing though.

  • vvkittycat
    vvkittycat3 months ago


  • alicia
    alicia3 months ago

    You have Aurora on the stock box in the dragon series

  • My Flamingo Land
    My Flamingo Land3 months ago

    I am confident it is a winter doll:)

  • Jeannie Kirk
    Jeannie Kirk3 months ago


  • suga coated
    suga coated3 months ago

    Imagine honey swamp with her original hair but PINK

  • Kotomori Artist
    Kotomori Artist3 months ago

    Hey... whatever happened to that yellow doll....

  • vonetta
    vonetta3 months ago

    3:03, no but i was gonna comment that lol

  • Julie Harrison
    Julie Harrison3 months ago

    You can do punk and goth for Lolita

  • Jessicat BIY
    Jessicat BIY3 months ago

    hmmm is it said an-ten-a or an-ten-ay....

  • LivingWithLucie
    LivingWithLucie3 months ago

    i kinda liked it more when she had yellow skin and purple hair

  • HoneyBee TMR
    HoneyBee TMR3 months ago

    whatever happened to clemintine?

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny3 months ago

    I love how Cat half the time has no idea what shes doing but still says everything like a tutorial

  • Maryann Schuler
    Maryann Schuler3 months ago

    Do u sell any of the dolls u make? I have a daughter named Jade and I said "Hey Jade come meet Jade" and she asked "Is she for sale?! I love her" I haven't seen anything in your videos that says you do sell any of them so I was just wondering.

  • Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    5 days ago

    She doesn't sell them

  • Valeriexgacha
    Valeriexgacha3 months ago

    She looks like fluttershy not really but i wanted to and it

  • Chocolate-Pyrus
    Chocolate-Pyrus3 months ago