STOCK BOX Doll Customizing: Guinevere the Rainbow Unicorn

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The shoes are from YRU shoes, if you were curious. I know somebody is going to ask! lol
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Dust box
Dremel tool
Apoxie Sculpt
Latex Gloves (for use with Apoxie Sculpt)
Large tongue depressors
Jewelry wire, paperclips
Glue (205 OKONG 오공본드)
Yarn - %100 Acrylic
Water Color Pencils - (Faber Castell)
Paints - Acrylic (Liquitex)
Paints - Gouache (Caran D’ache)
Varnish (DuraClear)
Mr. Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
MASK: Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
Musical tracks from Artlist
Slime Time - Randy Sharp
Witness - Oliver Michael
Extreme Velocity - Anthony Vega
Dance - LiQWYD
Joy Ride - Aves
The Vibe - Ben Fox
Sunlight - Raz Burg
Hibernate - KOLA
Siberian Summer - Sunny Fruit
Sound Effects from Videvo
Logo and other graphics designed by: charliesparksdesign.myportfol...


  • cassnick
    cassnick29 minutes ago

    Awww Gwynnie is so CUTE! Love the modifications, the colors and the trendy outfit. She's perfect. I feel like she is you, Dollightful, if you were part unicorn, part person. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖

  • Blue Luv
    Blue LuvHour ago

    I’d love to see a centaur or something with the leg less claudean

  • pearl123 B
    pearl123 BHour ago

    Me: has never seen the Dust box before Dollightful: Saws the dolls leg off Me: mouth open stare in shock lol but fr I was NOT expecting that OH MY GOD SHE GAVE IT HORSE LEGS I can't tell if I'm more shocked or impressed?

  • Chill Person
    Chill PersonHour ago

    queer unicorn prefect for pride month :)

  • Jordan Dakai
    Jordan DakaiHour ago

    I just want to let you know your videos have gotten me into doll customizing myself! I’m having so much fun and feel really rewarded with the outcome!

  • Vic Morgan
    Vic Morgan2 hours ago

    oh my GODDDD ahhhh oh my god

  • Payton Harle
    Payton Harle2 hours ago

    i really think you should do a vote on doing a doll a lynx wolf or deer!❤️

  • Zoe Adams
    Zoe Adams3 hours ago

    I just wanted to say i have been watching your channel for over 2 years! people would always judge me for watching videos about dolls but i didn’t care. You’re an amazing creator! :)

  • Exodus Chaudhry
    Exodus Chaudhry3 hours ago

    Hey I got an idea make a Miku doll

  • Lily Cutter-Mackenzie
    Lily Cutter-Mackenzie4 hours ago

    Porta geuss

  • leo loves loona
    leo loves loona4 hours ago

    its so crazy how you can visualize stuff like this! youre so creative it baffles me haha

  • Aidan Stenhouse
    Aidan Stenhouse5 hours ago

    this doll is giving me very hippy energy

  • Nova Erlandson
    Nova Erlandson5 hours ago

    “This is fineeeee” Mean while : *drills through the dolls forehead*

  • Deltons gacha
    Deltons gacha5 hours ago

    I have the same socks lol

  • •°Gacha_Soap°•
    •°Gacha_Soap°•5 hours ago

    Love the doll it's just amazing

  • Mayra Yap
    Mayra Yap5 hours ago

    I've never understood the hype with unicorns but damn girl this doll is a dream 💕💕💕💕

  • Shirly Machis
    Shirly Machis6 hours ago

    Love ya vids 😍🐱

  • Milkshake Emily Emily
    Milkshake Emily Emily6 hours ago

    I still have a. Will you just haven’t gotten it the new one

  • Saff Wooding
    Saff Wooding6 hours ago

    i would actually die for her holy shit if i saw this woman on the street i would commit so many crimes just to see her again

  • The Artist
    The Artist7 hours ago

    I had an idea that you could make dolls like your eve and dragons but based on animals I’d you do i would like to see a tiger but you prob wont love your channel

  • Kim N
    Kim N7 hours ago

    Man, I wish I could afford all the materials to do stuff like this, too, my hobby has always been to draw characters and I would love nothing more than to customize dolls too. 😢 no clue where to start, though 😭

  • Etern4l
    Etern4l7 hours ago

    Was it just me or did I thought that she was going to make a fluffy rainbow/pastel unicorn? In my opinion it looks more like a modern/gold digger kind of girl 😂

  • techno the goddess
    techno the goddess7 hours ago

    This is just a thought but octopus doll. Kinda like how Phoenix is a dragon, idk just a thought

  • Adriana Figueroa
    Adriana Figueroa7 hours ago

    You should name a Dolleclipse

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson8 hours ago

    I literally love your videos!!!

  • Osaki misuki
    Osaki misuki8 hours ago

    Where did you buy your platform shoes?!

  • calliisto
    calliisto8 hours ago

    i LOVE the round sunglasses, i feel like most rainbow unicorn aesthetics are bubbly and childish (not in a bad way) but this doll feels like she has a drivers license and pays taxes, i feel like it's more of a hippie rainbow palette instead of a children's show rainboe

  • Sarah Burger
    Sarah Burger8 hours ago

    You are Insane and I love it, You have so much passion for doll making that I could never have and I'm always cheered up watching your videos.

  • OwO Queen
    OwO Queen8 hours ago

    You should make pride flag themed dolls

  • Cece Plys
    Cece Plys8 hours ago


  • Grace Holbert
    Grace Holbert9 hours ago

    How did I never get a notification for this??? Thank goodness it showed up in recommended!

  • Elīza Kaufmane
    Elīza Kaufmane11 hours ago

    is it just me or this could be the pride month doll ;-;

  • Erika T
    Erika T11 hours ago

    I like how you explain things in a way that someone watching your videos for the first time can watch any one of your videos and know exactly what you're doing and why

  • Mary_oficial .,.
    Mary_oficial .,.11 hours ago

    Dollinghtfull: you know where this is going me she’s breaking a doll again

  • agent. veemo
    agent. veemo11 hours ago

    i have an idea for ur next stock box or something! make dolls of ur cats :3 (i adore ur channel btw)

  • Mia
    Mia12 hours ago

    I missed your videos

  • Aylin J
    Aylin J12 hours ago

    you should try customizing LOL big sister dolls :D

  • beetle baby
    beetle baby13 hours ago

    You need to make a chubby cinnamon roll girl/guy i think that would be so adorable

  • taylorrr
    taylorrr13 hours ago

    the name reminds me. gwyn means white in my countrys language ✋💀 amazing doll btw!!

  • Nameabluefruit
    Nameabluefruit14 hours ago

    Video idea: You should make Genshin impact characters and make it a series.

  • LunaTheClownシ
    LunaTheClownシ17 hours ago

    I’m fully convinced half of dollightfuls blankets have doll clothing cutouts in them

  • Piper
    Piper18 hours ago

    Rainbow… Unicorn… during Pride month… *Gay Energy Intensifies* I ship Guinevere and Luna and y’all can’t change my mind!

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner18 hours ago

    honestly you would make barbie so much better

  • Camila Chapa
    Camila Chapa19 hours ago

    it was funny when she said lets give this doll some plasticsurgury becuse the doll is psastic ^=^ !

  • Jill Forbes Forbes
    Jill Forbes Forbes19 hours ago

    I would love for you to do another unicorn but this one you can keep 🤗💕 I really liked this one I like to see you do another

  • Etta C
    Etta C20 hours ago

    gay icon

  • The Siren
    The Siren20 hours ago

    wish i could put a segguestion :( i wish i could ask for a custom and buy it TwT but i dont think will work

  • Cute Dark Arts
    Cute Dark Arts20 hours ago

    I JUST REALIZED THE LOOSE ABBY FACE IN THE DUST BOX LMAOOO poor thing just sitting in there at the back lol

  • Anna Michelle
    Anna Michelle21 hour ago

    I like the thicker lashes!

  • Stella Rase
    Stella Rase21 hour ago

    Other normal people: wow that is a pretty doll Me:I wants it all😐

  • Rainbow Jazzy
    Rainbow Jazzy21 hour ago

    You should make a bi pride one or trans or any pride flags it would make me smile

  • Jessica Herrera
    Jessica Herrera21 hour ago

    Watch this little kids suffer from watching this also why do you do this to little children my sister is watching a video of you and now you’re poking a hole through her head I’m so sorry not really not sorry

  • mocha artist

    mocha artist

    Hour ago

    Your offended she's costuming a doll......

  • In The Doll World
    In The Doll World22 hours ago


  • - CasTheSeal -
    - CasTheSeal -22 hours ago

    Idea: You should do Animal Crossing themed dolls! I think they would look super cute with your style! :D

  • Nancy Powers
    Nancy Powers22 hours ago

    The fact you cut out the paper so perfectly scares me...

  • Skrapywolf Nisse
    Skrapywolf Nisse23 hours ago

    The popsicle stick leg joints yes popsiclestick method is back also I was wondering if you could do a dark unicorn

  • Eduardo Tallens
    Eduardo Tallens23 hours ago

    She is actually really diferrent from other dolls you already made with a fantasy theme.

  • genma_cookielover gems_life
    genma_cookielover gems_lifeDay ago

    you should make dolls based on zodiac signs :3 love your doll vids !

  • Lilly
    LillyDay ago

    Are you still watch your channel so long ago I don’t remember the dust box at all I just like I don’t know if it was a thing when I watched it back then but like I’m glad you have something to keep the dust in with now lol

  • Clara ?
    Clara ?Day ago

    You should make a 70s doll!! Then you can use those bell bottem jeans you have...

  • Clara ?

    Clara ?

    Day ago


  • Mikalhvi
    MikalhviDay ago

    The finished doll gives me big 70's vibes. I feel like she would show up to a concert in one of those Volkswagen vans with flowers painted on it.

  • anya wager
    anya wagerDay ago

    Legless cawdean

  • Senjiro Rengoku
    Senjiro RengokuDay ago

    You should make a Percy Jackson doll series

  • Ursula Hildebrandt
    Ursula HildebrandtDay ago

    You should make a cat doll!

  • OutdoorAcorn594
    OutdoorAcorn594Day ago


  • Jay
    JayDay ago

    “Now do this about a hundred more times!! 😄😄”

  • Placeholder pico 😐
    Placeholder pico 😐Day ago

    Lol the “yeet” at 19:03

  • Zoey Lindbloom
    Zoey LindbloomDay ago

    i will come to your house and steal your cats...:)

  • Grace Anders
    Grace AndersDay ago


  • Layla Sears
    Layla SearsDay ago

    You should make keyless clawdeen into a mermaid

  • be47303
    be47303Day ago

    You should make a black unicorn! It could be her S/O

  • Adekunbi Adebiyi
    Adekunbi AdebiyiDay ago

    I love your yarn re-roots

  • Paytton
    PayttonDay ago

    rainbow unicorn for pride month :)

  • ♡︎.CYB3RF41RY.♡︎
    ♡︎.CYB3RF41RY.♡︎Day ago

    Ooo i love their name! Its really pretty :)

  • Nyx Wildwar
    Nyx WildwarDay ago

    have u thought about selling these dolls?

  • Julia Verheijen
    Julia VerheijenDay ago

    I just wanna know where I can buy those shoes does anyone know

  • Gia Embach
    Gia EmbachDay ago

    Just stumbled on your account any I’m obsessed :)

  • Julia Rubio
    Julia RubioDay ago

    when i saw the line up for the next stock box doll, I really wanted it to be a male doll and then i was like ohmygosh wait-- strawberry cow inspired doll with the famous strawberry dress and he could have like a strawberry milk accessory bc you know it just fits that aesthetic and yes he bc guys can wear dresses too. lol ideas are firing off inside my head

  • MintCha0s
    MintCha0sDay ago

    She's so stunning and all the details look so clean!

  • Cecelia Harris
    Cecelia HarrisDay ago

    i make jewelry so i had to get used to bare handing sandpaper

  • Elizabeth McClure
    Elizabeth McClureDay ago

    this unicorn would give me water at coachella

  • Sarah Betts
    Sarah BettsDay ago

    I had a dream last night where I was looking for a book on a bookshelf and there was a stack of hardback shiny gold books by dollightful, I recall flicking through the pages and there was photos of your dolls on each page and writing, the writing was just squiggles and had a name hand written on the front page as well as a load of other names I'm assuming made a contribution but I woke up remembering this book vividly.... My brain is calling out to you!!! Lol

  • stormy kitten
    stormy kittenDay ago

    I really would love to see a charcter who is non-binary--

  • negative13


    21 hour ago

    Aquarien (i think that’s their name) is non-binary!

  • Unas Annus Memories
    Unas Annus MemoriesDay ago

    Why dont you use some of the discarded doll parts to make a frankin doll?

  • Do I want To know
    Do I want To knowDay ago

    I love her so much!! 💕💕

  • Simso Likepiper
    Simso LikepiperDay ago

    She screams CoachellaΣ੧(❛□❛✿)

  • DeKUUU
    DeKUUUDay ago

    AAAA i just love your work! i cant get enough of your dolls! Keep creating

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark WolfDay ago

    Dollightful using the drill to “give plastic surgery” to the doll Me: nothing new

  • Eva Gaidyte
    Eva GaidyteDay ago


  • Tracy Nickle
    Tracy NickleDay ago

    How about you use the rainbow one red orange yellow green blue and purple and pink don't forget to use light blue with the other blue

  • Magic Mangle
    Magic MangleDay ago

    Kathrine, could you please do a weirdcore/dreamcore doll? I love that astetic and don't want to push it on you so i will just ask.

  • Jaime Murphy
    Jaime MurphyDay ago

    and the extra joints so good i would probably mess up the joints

  • Jaime Murphy
    Jaime MurphyDay ago

    i love how she looks such a cutie rainbow village girl 😍

  • Tracy Nickle
    Tracy NickleDay ago

    Like I said don't get hurt you don't hold it on Coronavirus

  • YourLocalSimp
    YourLocalSimpDay ago

    the long jeans actually looked really good TT

  • Seerach
    SeerachDay ago

    Ok let’s think about it what about a centaur

  • Kenish Cas
    Kenish CasDay ago

    I like your cats😄😄😄😄😍😍

    For WEBTOONDay ago

    I had a nightmare about the first section of the doll making today. *It’s was mortifying* * “Oops her nose fell off” *

  • IAmDoveAGAndIHaveASpiritOfABrokenChristmasDécor!
    IAmDoveAGAndIHaveASpiritOfABrokenChristmasDécor!Day ago

    Guinevere looks so good in the outfit! The outfit goes well with the season, Summer. Which is not too long from today!

  • IAmDoveAGAndIHaveASpiritOfABrokenChristmasDécor!


    4 hours ago

    I really want you to make something from the clawdeen!

  • Kathleen Curtis
    Kathleen CurtisDay ago

    Ahhh wish I could buy this