STOCK BOX Doll Customizing: Luna the abandoned moth doll from before!

Welcome to STOCK BOX Season 2! Let’s start of by...well, finishing what we started back in 2019! Gosh, I can’t believe Stock Box took a whole year off. Please enjoy watching the abandoned moth girl doll come together at last!

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Catch STOCK BOX Season 1:

Monster High Doll: Luna Mothews
Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Gouache cakes (paint) - Caran D’ache
Sealant - Mr. Super Clear UV Flat by Mr. Hobby (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask - Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
High Gloss Varnish -Liquitex Brand
Acrylic yarn
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Musical tracks from Dylan the Druid:
Musical tracks from Artlist
Cozy Instrumental Version by Sarah Kang
Hibernate by KOLA
Hyper Pegasus by Clara Kamil
Flutes Will Chill by Kicktracks
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  • Dollightful
    Dollightful3 months ago

    Hello everyone, if you'd like to vote on the next Stock Box doll's theme, please go here: It seems USplan removed the 'poll' feature-- Well don't I look silly.

  • Abigail Siemens

    Abigail Siemens

    2 days ago

    i want you to do a my little pony doll

  • KristinaHailey Highsmith

    KristinaHailey Highsmith

    3 days ago

    I need a car version of that USplan aphmau pleaseee! 😭😭😭

  • Mario Morris Gaudet

    Mario Morris Gaudet

    7 days ago

    Hi i love you

  • Todoroki-kun


    28 days ago

    Already done UnU



    Month ago

    princess themed like a long poofy dress theme alsooo you should make a like queen version of your oc doll

  • Rose —x—
    Rose —x—6 hours ago

    Your videos are the definition of trust the process

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson6 hours ago

    Can you make a doll that's annoyed like use maybe...a stock box doll 😁

  • Camila Mata
    Camila Mata9 hours ago

    Does this remind anyone of the peacock miraculous mixed with the moth miraculous?

  • Kharma Valentine
    Kharma Valentine9 hours ago

    Luna moth was my favorite doll

  • Addie
    Addie20 hours ago

    Sooooo cute!!! I wasn't sure about the printed eyes at first, but actually they really work! I also love how you use found materials, recycle, and use what you have. Also, I love how you show the ways you "mess up" and your thought process while you go through the process of creating her. 💛💛

  • Evelyn Jara
    Evelyn Jara22 hours ago

    i want plush pumps!!

  • Peyton Rogers
    Peyton RogersDay ago

    10:15 Uhhh where did the clothes hanger go?

  • Random Artist
    Random ArtistDay ago

    After you made that comment about not wanting to make her look like a Simpson character, I immediately felt the urge to draw her in that art style.

  • Bryan Rhoades
    Bryan RhoadesDay ago

    Could u please do a Phoenix fox doll i thins would be a super cool doll

  • Kamilė Čapskaitė
    Kamilė ČapskaitėDay ago

    I'm gonna nickname this moth ✨ Clementine ✨

  • Mary Jane
    Mary JaneDay ago

    Oh and if you have any time can you give me a shout out Mary shoutout me please please please please please please please please thank you

  • Mary Jane
    Mary JaneDay ago

    That must've been hard to that must have been hard to find now you're saving the more I love that in your that you're making it very I also love that thank you so much for making us

  • The R1H
    The R1H2 days ago

    3:13 "And jewels because *P R E T T Y~* " Best quote 2021

  • Alexis Edge
    Alexis Edge2 days ago

    Intenas (I know I didn’t spell that right)

  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙

  • Ona Locke
    Ona Locke2 days ago

    I love your vids :O

  • Shawn Heitzman
    Shawn Heitzman2 days ago

    One day ur gonna drop a doll out ur window

  • Sprinkles the Tiger And Glitch Rose
    Sprinkles the Tiger And Glitch Rose3 days ago

    Luna turned out amazing

  • jennifer morton
    jennifer morton3 days ago


  • Sheryl Lemons
    Sheryl Lemons3 days ago

    She's beautiful ❤️

  • Geraline Rich
    Geraline Rich3 days ago

    Can you make a FNAF character

  • iam_sugart3a
    iam_sugart3a3 days ago

    that dress and bag is feeding all of my weirdcore dreams, i need to attempt to make it irl

  • Josi ExE
    Josi ExE3 days ago

    "And..jewels...b cuz pretty" ~dollightful 2021~ (Not tryna make fun of dollightful btw I love your work dollightful) :)

  • Nex _
    Nex _3 days ago

    CLEMENTINE MY BELOVED (please tell me someone gets this😅)

  • Carolyn Holody
    Carolyn Holody4 days ago

    She turned out really cute! I love her eyes! Her outfit is very pretty, too!

  • Gricelda Julieta
    Gricelda Julieta4 days ago

    The petite alphabet minimally promise because honey ipsilaterally glue notwithstanding a married agenda. adventurous, chemical cormorant

  • Iamstxrzz
    Iamstxrzz4 days ago

    Im so glad that she doesnt let modern sayings like “everything is beautiful“ stop her from saying well know sewing terms (ex. Pretty sides out) i am glad that when she does this people are just trying to learn so her saying common sayings is very helpful

  • Tori
    Tori4 days ago

    Where'd you find the image for those eyes?

  • Heiditronic
    Heiditronic4 days ago

    This stuff looks fun but I feel like I wouldn't have the commitment or skill to do a whole doll

  • minuteMaid
    minuteMaid4 days ago

    Me: omg what if they were fluffy Her: im gonna make them fluffy Me: ‼️‼️‼️OMG‼️‼️‼️ (This has happened so many times in this video pfft)

  • MeleeMission STARR
    MeleeMission STARR4 days ago


  • Sugarlol 13
    Sugarlol 135 days ago

    USplan: how much fluff? Dollightful: *y e s .*

  • Prince Shortie
    Prince Shortie5 days ago

    its funny bc she reminds me more of a rosy maple moth with her color scheme but her name is luna which is more like a lunar moth

  • polyblank
    polyblank5 days ago

    i was begging you to make leg warmerssss /lh /nm 😩🤞

  • The Mad Hatter
    The Mad Hatter5 days ago

    She looks Wonderful!

  • grace massey
    grace massey5 days ago

    The amount of patience you have with the bag and those tiny beeds 💀😩 oml thats so fking hatd

  • gachagirl 7
    gachagirl 75 days ago

    Awee she looks like a cute bunny girl 😍🐰😂

  • Evelynn Hays QwQ
    Evelynn Hays QwQ5 days ago

    I love it but what about fluffy wings

  • Rebecca Everett
    Rebecca Everett5 days ago

    So fluffy :D

  • Presley Mann
    Presley Mann5 days ago

    did you get the glasses they are sooooo cute it’s not a want but a need💗💗💗💗💗

  • Illegal Alien
    Illegal Alien5 days ago

    Anyone else start singing rhinestone eyes whenever she mentioned eye jewels? Just me? Alright

  • Ocean zaboinga
    Ocean zaboinga5 days ago

    this doll is beautiful!

  • milkmancatcher
    milkmancatcher5 days ago

    Moth man’s sister

  • tobaskieh
    tobaskieh5 days ago

    Does anyone watch odd 1s out? So you will know harry the moth

  • Cowie_
    Cowie_5 days ago

    I remember when she used to say “ now hang the doll out to dry somewhere creepy where you’re neighbors can see” HAHA

  • Ariana Ronson
    Ariana Ronson5 days ago

    11:05 HAIR BUTTIRO

  • smol bean child
    smol bean child5 days ago

    3:12 How most of my clothing decisions go.

  • Ella Hoch
    Ella Hoch5 days ago

    You have the same energy as my 7th grade English teacher 😭

  • CRI
    CRI6 days ago

    I love her🥺❤

  • TohSpeedruns :0
    TohSpeedruns :06 days ago

    The fluffy thing you put around her neck is called a boa not the snake kind.

  • Buffy
    Buffy6 days ago

    She is so cute

  • Marshmallow the Tchotchkes
    Marshmallow the Tchotchkes6 days ago

    *holds hand out* GIMME!

  • •SilverStone Fox•
    •SilverStone Fox•6 days ago

    in the finished product the antennas look like rabbit ears

  • Aubrey Sumulong
    Aubrey Sumulong6 days ago


  • Lisa Kelly
    Lisa Kelly6 days ago

    the skirt is so cool it looks like something you'd see a zelda character wear (i thinks its the eyes lol)

  • Kizzy Bear
    Kizzy Bear6 days ago

    Can you please make a zodiac sign series!!!

  • •°Pastel Bffs!°•
    •°Pastel Bffs!°•6 days ago

    The eyes of luna remind me of a five nights at freddys animatronic i created named BubbleGum I loved this doll, i think the face is attracting, keep up the awesome work!

  • xyrie cass
    xyrie cass6 days ago

    she is beautiful! you did an amazing job. and the colors look fine, it makes her much more unique :)

  • shadow pack wolf
    shadow pack wolf6 days ago

    doll idea! what if you did a desert themed doll! like cake, cookies, ice cream, etc!

    Ebony HAMMERSLEY6 days ago

    c u t e .

  • Diana Behre
    Diana Behre6 days ago

    Frankly, I think Dollighful made the doll much better than it was before. It's really cute and has more of a monster-high-like feel to it. The first look had butterflies wings and antenna but didn't really do much afterward with that. Dollighful made the outfit style fit more.

  • Theonardo DiCaprio
    Theonardo DiCaprio6 days ago

    okay i can’t find any comments about this, but can we talk about the fact that this doll is technically trans? if my research is correct, male moths have fluffy antennae while female moths have thin antennae.

  • Theonardo DiCaprio

    Theonardo DiCaprio

    4 days ago

    @Seraphina S. completely agree

  • Seraphina S.

    Seraphina S.

    5 days ago

    Yes they are 100% a trans lesbian

  • Bella Tang
    Bella Tang6 days ago

    3:11 cuz... *p r e t t y*

  • Pixie Animates
    Pixie Animates6 days ago

    so cute

  • Rebecca Anderson
    Rebecca Anderson7 days ago

    Love the doll!! Kinda reminds me of Fluttershy from My Little Pony, if that makes you feel better about the yellow skin lol 😆 😂

  • Tracy Scott
    Tracy Scott7 days ago

    Oop, every time I hear her say "Dollightful* I thought she was saying light bulb. Lol.

  • Julia Kieffer
    Julia Kieffer7 days ago


  • IsTheMedia


    6 days ago

    Already did-twice. Juwon and Tatsuo.

  • Julia Kieffer
    Julia Kieffer7 days ago

    She should do a face reveal

  • IsTheMedia


    6 days ago

    Already did, two videos and her non-doll instagram.

  • Adobe
    Adobe7 days ago

    5:05 I think that's 5 pieces, not 4 x)

  • Axel Willow
    Axel Willow7 days ago

    Did you know: Male moths are the ones that have those fluffy big antennas!! The females actually have thin, spindly ones!! ^^

  • O5-6


    3 days ago

    Luna could be trans. Only Dollightful knows!

  • iixilo_anime
    iixilo_anime7 days ago

    What’s funny is my name is Luna!

  • Goblin Frog
    Goblin Frog7 days ago

    Ah yes the new Vikings mascot

  • Aglar Thirion
    Aglar Thirion7 days ago

    she totally reminds me of my little pony lemon Drop. Nice childhood memories. love her!

  • Glass Cutsi
    Glass Cutsi7 days ago

    We always need more F L U F F

  • Joeyanna Elliott
    Joeyanna Elliott7 days ago

    I just happy you didn't use the fluffy fabric for the wings

  • Mosept Yagami
    Mosept Yagami7 days ago

    Change the purple for pink and boom fluttershy

  • Iris Dreamwright
    Iris Dreamwright7 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing when you said "STAB IN THE ANENNA..." By the way LOVE your channel!❤️

  • LuaTv
    LuaTv7 days ago

    The mix of yellow and purple remembers of something..... Probably a pride flag

  • Zipp _Z
    Zipp _Z7 days ago

    Listen... 🔫Imma need to know where you got them glasses.

  • Brooke Davis
    Brooke Davis8 days ago

    ok i have no experience in dolls and have no reason to watch your vids but they're so oddly fulfilling and satisfying they are so calming and i will watch the same video multiple times

  • aby fiero
    aby fiero8 days ago

    i absolutely adore the lashes tho🥺

  • kayla's queens
    kayla's queens8 days ago

    She is adorable

  • The Irish Potato
    The Irish Potato8 days ago

    Omg at 3:15, I recognized that book on the left, I have that book and I absolutely love that ❤

  • Magic Mangle
    Magic Mangle8 days ago


  • Artie Theron
    Artie Theron8 days ago

    I am surprised you didn’t do fluffy wings lol

  • Rowan Yarnell
    Rowan Yarnell8 days ago

    I know it's not intentional or anything but female moth antennae tend to be smaller while the males have supper fluffy ones soo trans moth!

  • * a.bottle *
    * a.bottle *8 days ago

    did anyone else notice the guy walking around when she sprayed the doll? lmao, that was the only thing i could look at in that shot.

  • North 2 South FUN Videos
    North 2 South FUN Videos8 days ago

    i love her shes so beutafull i think shes better than the original

  • Aracelys Gonzalez
    Aracelys Gonzalez8 days ago

    Does your neighbor know that you do this

  • Stuart Burns
    Stuart Burns8 days ago

    Wait where's youtube

  • Adia Meade
    Adia Meade8 days ago

    This was my first video for you and from there I continued to watch your videos. I enjoy them all so much!!

  • Nylah’s Creations
    Nylah’s Creations8 days ago

    Ok hear me out. . . Lamp bf or gf

  • forest demon ddaeng
    forest demon ddaeng8 days ago

    You already had her hair rooted purple and purple and yellow doesnt look bad, but since you were conflicted I think some warm pinks would have looked great with the yellow! And she could have resembled the rosy maple moth! (Google it if you dont know it, its so cute). Maybe an idea for down the line :)

  • Kat Culver
    Kat Culver9 days ago

    btw how id she a moth if she has 2 SETS of wings?

  • lily jade
    lily jade9 days ago

    so beautiful. u impress me more every video. been watching for a few years :)

  • Christopher Douglas
    Christopher Douglas9 days ago

    I was honestly a little worried because I didn't like a lot of the elements separately. However, when it all came together, I loved this doll! She's "simple" in a really endearing way.

  • Tony Franzone
    Tony Franzone9 days ago

    i love moths so much,their is a type of moth called the maple moth and its coloers are pink and yellow

  • Oh Deer - Sabrina
    Oh Deer - Sabrina9 days ago

    She would've looked really nice with curly short hair too. Like, right about her shoulders. I think it'd have made her look even more fluffy!

  • Farida Youssef
    Farida Youssef9 days ago

    You need to make a doll with a huge puffy princesses dress!!!!!