Unboxing: Patrick Custom "Nana" Pullip Art Doll

Nana sure is a beautiful doll!
Patrick’s Store: www.etsy.com/shop/PatrickCustom
Patrick’s Instagram: patrickcustom

Doll clothing patterns here: www.etsy.com/shop/Dollightful...
Merchandise: society6.com/dollightful
Instagram: dollightfully
Twitter: Dollightfully
Pinterest: pinterest.com/dollightfully/d...

Musical tracks provided by DylantheDruid: soundcloud.com/dylan-mccoy-63...


  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙;)

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie13 days ago

    They're worth 13 thousand on his etsy now O_o wow

  • Ms Angel
    Ms AngelMonth ago

    OMG I love his work so much 😭 😍

  • Abigail Siemens
    Abigail SiemensMonth ago

    can you do a my little pony doll

  • Loopy Doop
    Loopy DoopMonth ago

    The whole doll has cinnamon roll themed things like the “bunny hood” as she calls it. The shoes and a pin all cinnamon roll. Just so you know I guess Idk :)

  • a bunch of frogs in a trench coat
    a bunch of frogs in a trench coatMonth ago

    Noooooo Cinnamoroll is a dog, not a bunny TAT

  • Monica Benavente
    Monica BenaventeMonth ago

    I think Nana is obsessed with cinamoroll..

  • Feylea Hii
    Feylea HiiMonth ago

    "Nana"?... nAnA What's nine plus ten twEntY ONe You stupid.

  • colwell X
    colwell X2 months ago

    Shes like a cinnamoral fangirl bcs she has cinnamoral on herrrrr so KAWAII

  • Addi May
    Addi May4 months ago

    Someone: Only someone crazy would spend 500.0 on doll- Dollightful: *Allow me to introduce myself*

  • Khione's Kingdom
    Khione's Kingdom4 months ago

    $500? Wow!

  • rxses_ qwq
    rxses_ qwq4 months ago

    that doll cost $500 @-@

  • The Higgins
    The Higgins7 months ago

    omg I love her so much she is so cute 😍 but the back of the wig is annoying 😒 tho but other then that it's great😍😍😍

  • random elf 💙
    random elf 💙7 months ago

    Apparently blythe dolls are popular in Japan hope this helps

  • random elf 💙
    random elf 💙7 months ago

    Dollightful if you want to custom a blythe doll but one from aliexpress I am an dthe doll I'd only 7 and 3 postage and works like normal blythe but has no poseability

  • Arely Warner
    Arely Warner7 months ago

    💃🏼Come🕺🏼on💃🏼everybody🕺🏼baby💃🏼do🕺🏼that💃🏼conga🕺🏼i💃🏼know🕺🏼you💃🏼can’t 🕺🏼control💃🏼yourself🕺🏼any💃🏼longer🕺🏼

    HANG NI NGUYEN8 months ago

    COOL I have a collection of these

  • Robin 88
    Robin 888 months ago

    This was posted on my birthday last year- cool

  • XxFaze BananaxX
    XxFaze BananaxX8 months ago


  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny8 months ago

    ....I like your dolls more. No shade beautiful doll but I think all the money went to her eyes.

  • Alexandria Lira-Martinez
    Alexandria Lira-Martinez8 months ago

    I love her makeup

  • Gremlin
    Gremlin8 months ago

    Y’all really don’t know anything about Pullips huh?

  • Zane Robbins
    Zane Robbins8 months ago

    Whoever styled that wig is going to jail 😂😭

  • Some weird kiddo ;w;
    Some weird kiddo ;w;9 months ago

    Guys the word 안녕(annyeong) means good bye

  • Heijuli
    Heijuli9 months ago

    I have 4 pullip Dolls and that is so cute

  • nettie a
    nettie a9 months ago


  • Graham Hart
    Graham Hart9 months ago

    I think you could totally make one of those yourself if you really tried it has your style written all over it

  • Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk9 months ago

    Idk but when the eyes move it makes me feel wierd lol

  • • Froggie Chan •
    • Froggie Chan •9 months ago

    I saw your review on his shop

  • Ashley H.
    Ashley H.9 months ago

    Please do Mothman for the next Halloween custom!!! 🥺🥺🥺

  • snowbizy
    snowbizy9 months ago

    i want them boots

  • Kotamato
    Kotamato9 months ago

    If you ever sold any of your dolls I would totally get one I love your work!!!

  • Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn
    Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn9 months ago

    Together all those dolls look like a girl band, and we can all tell who the lead singer is lol

  • Safina Cabucana
    Safina Cabucana9 months ago


  • Boba Queen
    Boba Queen9 months ago

    What does anyung mean???

  • LGBTQ gacha
    LGBTQ gacha9 months ago

    why is it so ecspenceve though

  • Luna Wildwolf

    Luna Wildwolf

    8 months ago

    because it took hours months to make and and Supplies are expensive as well

  • Samantha Freeman
    Samantha Freeman9 months ago

    I love her

  • callmelasagna
    callmelasagna9 months ago

    I think the reason you haven't seen a pullip doll in toy stores, is because they are not originaly meant for playing. I get that the dolls you customize are not toys either, because when you customize them they become art pieces, but what i mean is, unlike monsterhigh dolls, pullips aren't originally meant for playing. Ps. I LOVE your vids!💗💗

  • Lonely _Bby
    Lonely _Bby10 months ago

    Who else is here luke 13 or over and might buy one

  • Łøø Fù
    Łøø Fù10 months ago

    500 bux jeeze

  • metwooo
    metwooo10 months ago

    Wait did that say 500 dollars

  • Heidi Lavender
    Heidi Lavender10 months ago

    Get one of those dolls but tell nobody about the switch on the back. When they first see it, have it to one side. Then a few days later change it to be the other side. And keep changing the eyes until they notice.

  • Stampedebuffalo Yass
    Stampedebuffalo Yass10 months ago

    I got an are for a streaming thing where you watch shows and movies.. I watched the teen titans today and watched the second one And the ad had that episode- (Sorry it's random but it scares me a little XD)

  • snails are cute!
    snails are cute!10 months ago

    I love San Rio so I love how the whole doll is head to toe in cinnimonroll stuff

  • Yariii
    Yariii10 months ago

    I wish I have her to

  • finn
    finn10 months ago


  • Gabrielle T.
    Gabrielle T.11 months ago

    For some reason my pullip doll arrived earlier than expected this was from Korea to well let’s just say I live near Texas kinda.. And yet I ordered something from Florida which is closer I think but it kept getting delayed and arrived later than my doll from Korea

  • beatrice magnano
    beatrice magnano11 months ago

    Omg this doll is so amazing!!! And cinnamoroll is my weakness! He is my favorite Sanrio character along kuromi and hello kitty of course!

  • Neko Kitty
    Neko Kitty11 months ago

    I’m not sure we have them in Chicago.

  • Candy Ze queen
    Candy Ze queen11 months ago

    Ahhh she had cinnamom accessorys! (From hello kitty)

  • CrossStep
    CrossStep11 months ago

    I can see why you like the doll

  • Nahid Sirag
    Nahid Sirag11 months ago

    I am a huge fan of yours 😁

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya11 months ago

    Dollightful: ...And she has this little bunny hood! Cinnamoroll, a dog: Am I a joke to you?

  • Vibin Birb
    Vibin Birb11 months ago

    this doll was 500$...

  • Luna Wildwolf

    Luna Wildwolf

    8 months ago

    Yeah? That's barley anything for what you are getting

  • Jojo Rosario
    Jojo RosarioYear ago

    SO CUTE!!!!❤

  • Small.animation _225
    Small.animation _225Year ago

    Did anyone else notice that her jacket thing is the transgender flag

  • Pam tatum
    Pam tatumYear ago


  • Pam tatum
    Pam tatumYear ago

    Not the hoiar

  • Pam tatum
    Pam tatumYear ago

    Customize it

  • 80sTrash


    10 months ago

    Oh, I did mean for it to be directed at you, I was more agreeing with you

  • Si erra

    Si erra

    10 months ago

    @80sTrash im confused because the person who typed this comment said to customize it and I said no and your acting like I want it to be customized

  • 80sTrash


    10 months ago

    Sierra The Dragon uh, what are you confused about?

  • Si erra

    Si erra

    10 months ago

    @80sTrash ???

  • 80sTrash


    10 months ago

    Sierra The Dragon it’s already beautiful and it would be offensive to the original artist that sunk hours into it!

  • Opal Hansen
    Opal HansenYear ago

    There is a store called Tuesday morning in the U.S that sells pullips(rarely) and that’s where I got my first pullip doll

  • hi im killian
    hi im killianYear ago

    the closest thing i could probably find to a pullip doll here is a shopkins XD

  • Mati Abayneh
    Mati AbaynehYear ago

    Each of the dolls were 500 dollars wth she must have been REALLY in love with the design

  • Dark Angel
    Dark AngelYear ago

    I was shocked that I have such a talented doll artist so close to me . I live in Melaka , Malaysia . 😁

  • zhi lin
    zhi linYear ago

    this is the first time ive watched this and i had to replay when you said he was malaysian!! i love that

  • L D
    L DYear ago

    I thought she was referring to the back of the wig when she said “Woah, what’s all that about?”

  • Some weirdo Tubbs
    Some weirdo TubbsYear ago

    Her: It’s the cherry on top of the cake. Me: You put cherries on cake???

  • Rebecca Loucks
    Rebecca LoucksYear ago

    Now I wanna draw a pastel candy girl (⊃・ω・)⊃ ❤

  • Faris Chase
    Faris ChaseYear ago

    They aren’t sold in toy stores because they aren’t toys, that’s why you haven’t seen them.

  • artistic weeb
    artistic weebYear ago

    I've been trying to save up for a pullip doll since the ones I've found are so expensive there just so pretty

  • Art kitty dragon
    Art kitty dragonYear ago

    Imagine if Katherine tried making one of these

  • Stef Lodewijk
    Stef LodewijkYear ago

    Ah yes, a decora kei doll

  • XxCoolCat27xX
    XxCoolCat27xXYear ago


  • David Gileo
    David GileoYear ago

    You probably don't care but fun fact:the pulip doll's bunny hood is actually a pet hat,i was watching an ihascupquake vid and she was getting a bunch of hats for her cats and she got that hat

  • Kiwi’s Lab
    Kiwi’s LabYear ago

    You should try customizing a Pulip doll soon!

  • ghost who likes movies
    ghost who likes moviesYear ago

    Ok I saw the price of these and 500 dollars. Dang. Just for a doll. Wow.

  • Luna Wildwolf

    Luna Wildwolf

    8 months ago

    um iTS not just a doll the artist who made the doll spent hours or even months on her and the Materials are high Quality so they must have Costed A lot of money 500 is cheap

  • Just a Sea Pig With inernet access
    Just a Sea Pig With inernet accessYear ago

    Me and my family call my grandma “Nana” so this is kinda weird to me but it’s really pretty!

  • Xiao'sSpear
    Xiao'sSpearYear ago

    The “bunny” hood is Cinnamon It’s a Japanese character by sanrio

  • Nicolette
    NicoletteYear ago

    When I saw the price of the dolls I was like:,, Holy guacamole ?! Why does one doll cost 500.00?! " Like seriously. I know how much effort is in these dolls but 500.00?! That is obviously too much in my opinion. And I personally think ,that those dolls aren't worth it.

  • Nicolette


    Year ago

    Thank you. (: But I still think it's not worth it. I personally think the dolls are ugly too.

  • Hailey Guzman

    Hailey Guzman

    Year ago

    Well there’s a lot to take into consideration. The hobby itself is expensive, with the best of the best materials going from $50-100. The amount of precision and care that goes into these dolls is apparent, with the finest brushstrokes helping to bring the project to life. You also need to account for the amount of time it takes to complete a face up, make clothes, and add accessories. Another reason that they may be so expensive is because Katherine mentioned there were components of the doll that could be worn and pinned on the person who bought them. If you feel that they are too expensive, then that’s completely fine! Asking $500 for a doll can seem unreasonable, but it’s a doll made with so much love and care💕

  • Cyriella Abrenica
    Cyriella AbrenicaYear ago

    Dollightful cinnamon roll is a dog smh

  • 4CatsOnABoat
    4CatsOnABoatYear ago

    LOL I’m pretty sure that’s a cat hat. I’m have one from that cat hat collection.

  • Christine Ingram
    Christine IngramYear ago

    She’s gorgeous 😀

  • I love my crush Aguirre
    I love my crush AguirreYear ago

    Hi IAM agian can I have that plss plss I love doll promise IAM gonna be like you I love doll i subscribe you 💯 ❤️ 😍 Ilove you idol ❤️I want the number 2 plss plss plss IAM from Philippines SANTANA CAGAYAN tanga tan may name is eurica aguirre plss thank you if you give to god bless plss

  • Luna Wildwolf

    Luna Wildwolf

    8 months ago

    stop Begging she payed A lot of money for the doll she is not gonna give it to you for free

  • Just a Sea Pig With inernet access

    Just a Sea Pig With inernet access

    Year ago

    I love my crush Aguirre bro i dont think that’ll happen any time soon sorry!

  • Romi Mikaela
    Romi MikaelaYear ago

    Can you custom pullip doll?🙈

  • XxGacha_LynnxX
    XxGacha_LynnxXYear ago

    5:06 is like me standing next to literally any of my friends. (Me being the dollightful doll)

  • Gacha Leah
    Gacha LeahYear ago

    Can you plz follow me back

  • A series of bugs in a trenchcoat
    A series of bugs in a trenchcoatYear ago

    Dollightful: ~describing all the reasons why Nana is freaking adorable~ Me: *I can hear your mental girly screaming from here.*

  • Natzalux
    NatzaluxYear ago

    Pullips are considered fashion dolls, not toys. So that's why they aren't sold in any toy stores

  • Heidi Barker
    Heidi BarkerYear ago

    Or scared

  • Heidi Barker
    Heidi BarkerYear ago

    Literally all the poses she puts her in

  • Heidi Barker
    Heidi BarkerYear ago

    Is it just me or does she seem kind of ............................worried

  • Weng Yuen Chia
    Weng Yuen ChiaYear ago

    Pullip dolls are freakin expensive in Malaysia so idk how hes able to customise so many unless hes rich

  • Grace Bell
    Grace BellYear ago

    I love how her left earrings eye is off XD

  • Lil Foxie
    Lil FoxieYear ago

    Jeg vil rive ut halsen.

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie TaylorYear ago

    I love the doll because she has alot hello kitty friend cinnamon roll on dress & jewelry☕💘🐼🐰

  • ShortieeIvy489
    ShortieeIvy489Year ago

    I love the doll

  • Flutterbaby
    FlutterbabyYear ago

    I love how caring and thoughtful she is when opening packages

  • sonia Rivera
    sonia RiveraYear ago

    What does I’m young mean at the end?

  • sonia Rivera

    sonia Rivera

    8 months ago

    Luna Wildwolf thanks 😊

  • Luna Wildwolf

    Luna Wildwolf

    8 months ago

    it can mean hi and bye in Korean

  • Ramen Werdos
    Ramen WerdosYear ago

    If you like it so much why don’t you make a doll like that??? I am not trying to be rude... I love your videos a lot...

  • Izzy Benecke
    Izzy BeneckeYear ago

    You are so talented at doll custimizing. My best friend Saydee she has been inspired by you and make her own dolls. I❤U 🙅🐈

  • Alexis Wolf
    Alexis WolfYear ago

    check out pullipstyle and jypgroove.com to see more pullips! I have a Patrick custom blythe and shes soooo cute I absolutely love her. I think you would love a lot of the stock pullips, especially the pastel ones haha! they all come in beautiful boxes as well, a lot more decorated than her box.