Unboxing TokiDoki Unicornos Christmas, Halloween, Series 8

They're so cute, how could I resist??

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Merry Christmas by Zac Nelson

Christmas Joy by Zac Nelson


  • SophyGamer145
    SophyGamer1452 days ago

    you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙:)

  • Anie M
    Anie M6 days ago

    I'd love to trade you a unicorno for the Day of the Dead one you have!

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie13 days ago

    Anyone watching this in 2021 wishing they were there?

  • Shen Zhang
    Shen Zhang5 months ago

    Cosmico is verepy rare. My mum said there are 3 in the world and i got one

  • Shen Zhang

    Shen Zhang

    5 months ago


  • Joshlynn Baptiste
    Joshlynn Baptiste6 months ago


  • ArcMino Productions
    ArcMino Productions7 months ago

    Katherine is so sweet she could give you Diabetes my heart melted when she translated merry Christmas for her Spanish viewers on the day of the dead pony

  • unknown. UK
    unknown. UK7 months ago

    Necerina looks like fluttershy

  • bicky- chan
    bicky- chan7 months ago


  • Fluffy Bunny Roblox
    Fluffy Bunny Roblox8 months ago

    Dollightful : talks about decora fashion Me: is wearing that type of fashion

  • Habbiss
    Habbiss8 months ago

    2:21 Katherine: "This will look right at home with my other decorations come next Halloween" Also Katherine: *customises it a couple months before Halloween* 😂

  • addison Nobles
    addison Nobles8 months ago

    Necturina looks like flutter shy from my little pony

  • xFantasy Dreamer
    xFantasy Dreamer9 months ago

    2:56 Are you sure that's not a Unicorno version of fluttershy? (its gotta be fluttershy tho because of the colors and the bird on top of her head)

  • Ash catArtCreations
    Ash catArtCreations9 months ago

    It reminds me of fluttershy

  • Ashley H.
    Ashley H.9 months ago

    Please do Mothman for the next Halloween custom!!! 🥺🥺🥺

  • Sasuke Girl
    Sasuke Girl9 months ago

    Too bad the sugar skull pony didn't make it to Halloween before it turned into a rainbow pony XD

  • L o v e F a i r y
    L o v e F a i r y9 months ago

    My favorite ones that you got is the series 8 unicorno and the cactus bunny and the Christmas unicorno there so cute!

  • Boo Mama
    Boo Mama9 months ago

    The pastel crystal unicorn looks like fluttershy

  • that_sweet tart
    that_sweet tart10 months ago

    hey fluttershy

  • P1x3lated_Mu5hr00m
    P1x3lated_Mu5hr00m10 months ago

    yall cant make me thing the peach one (2nd box i think it was) does not look like fluttershy it DOESSSSS

  • Joel Demaris
    Joel Demaris11 months ago

    Will you make me your water dragon understand me

  • MacKenzie Rodriguez
    MacKenzie Rodriguez11 months ago

    Necterina looks like fluttershy

  • annika Theron
    annika TheronYear ago

    Cool 👍

  • icey Playz
    icey PlayzYear ago

    There not available in were I live😢😔

  • grace palmer
    grace palmerYear ago


  • Ariana Shade
    Ariana ShadeYear ago

    I know this video was posted 5 months ago but I also saw on their website that they have a DIY one as well. www.tokidoki.it/collections/toys-collectibles/products/diy-unicorno-blind-box that’s the link for it.

  • Katherine Massetti
    Katherine MassettiYear ago

    Did anyone not notice that nectorina looks like fluttershy from mlp

  • Holly Lindsay
    Holly LindsayYear ago

    That crystal one look like FlUtTeRsHy

  • kat_likes_ latte44
    kat_likes_ latte44Year ago

    I remember when you had 229k and I followed you

  • Draculora x
    Draculora xYear ago

    You should start stop-motion series with not your collectable dolls but just dolls you re-make for that series or something

  • Freedom Metallic
    Freedom MetallicYear ago

    let's be honest the third one is pretty much Fluttershy from MLP

  • Goddess Zilla
    Goddess ZillaYear ago


  • Mirabelle Evangelista
    Mirabelle EvangelistaYear ago

    I like the day of the dead one.

  • layla gober
    layla goberYear ago

    “I like the bird on her head”

  • Drawith Gem
    Drawith GemYear ago

    U should repaint some of them

  • Robert Hrenko
    Robert HrenkoYear ago

    I swear, edgy teens are more mature Than most adults XD

  • Bethany Hargrove
    Bethany HargroveYear ago

    The 3rd one reminds me of Fluttershy from MLP. Cute

  • Drawith Gem
    Drawith GemYear ago

    Love u

  • Drawith Gem
    Drawith GemYear ago


  • Drawith Gem
    Drawith GemYear ago


  • Drawith Gem
    Drawith GemYear ago


  • Black Pheonix
    Black PheonixYear ago

    The yellow one reminds me of flutter shy from my little pony

  • Skyflyer17AJ
    Skyflyer17AJYear ago

    Katherin: Nectarina Me: *Fluttershy*

  • Yellow Flowers
    Yellow FlowersYear ago

    You should make a doll of the first one

  • Sunflowers
    SunflowersYear ago

    Why do ur vids always start with ‘and young’

  • Jade Martins
    Jade MartinsYear ago

    I can't wait for you to create an doll version of them!!!

  • Amori Kitstitch
    Amori KitstitchYear ago

    I recently bought 2 from tokidokis mermicorno series 2. I was super happy cause the first one I got was the chaser in the series. It made me super happy. Even more happy cause he's a shark.

  • Naruto_Foxy7599
    Naruto_Foxy7599Year ago


  • Haru Teh Demi-Human
    Haru Teh Demi-HumanYear ago

    3:00 fluttershy?

  • Jessica perez
    Jessica perezYear ago

    The pink and yellow aly-corn looks like flutter shy

  • Kristin Gonzalez
    Kristin GonzalezYear ago


  • Kristin Gonzalez
    Kristin GonzalezYear ago

    I have Cosmico

  • Robert Dorsch
    Robert DorschYear ago

    I like the peach themed and gingerbread one

  • Nubbly GD
    Nubbly GDYear ago

    You should make them into dolls

  • Paris Has Fallen
    Paris Has FallenYear ago

    Sorry if I go on a rant here but it just annoys me that the box had a day of the dead themed one in a box for halloween. I absolutely LOVE halloween, don't get me wrong, but day of the dead is a different holiday, and is about remembering loved ones. I feel like grouping it with halloween marginalizes it and makes it seem less important.

  • Dhaka Health
    Dhaka HealthYear ago

    My fav is Nectarina

  • Emma Clouston
    Emma CloustonYear ago

    I’ve been looking for tokidoki FOR AGES, I’ve finally found some but I have to wait later in the year to buy em, I’m super excited though!

  • Chibi•sweet
    Chibi•sweetYear ago

    Do you guys remember when she painting them? Those were the old days.

  • kokichiii
    kokichiiiYear ago

    Kathrine : Not a toy huh? Good luck telling THAT to the FTC. me : *happy squealing freakishly high pitched laughing* (I have honestly no idea why I laughed but dude it was SCARY...)

  • Awestruckracer5
    Awestruckracer5Year ago

    You should make Dolls that match the figures ^~^

  • Kyatto Chan
    Kyatto ChanYear ago

    3:14 Me: Fluttershy?

  • ` • iichilldazes • ́
    ` • iichilldazes • ́Year ago

    Please make Todoroki or deku from Hero Academia :') ♡♡

  • Jenie rose
    Jenie roseYear ago

    I almost pronounced the title as tododoki lol

  • david malolos
    david malolosYear ago

    necktarina kinda looks like flutershy from my lilltle pony

  • JosieMina Flo
    JosieMina FloYear ago

    Me:mom look its a little pony as a dia de los muertos monster Mom:ok?

  • Ritalina Burgos
    Ritalina BurgosYear ago

    You should do a doll that's inspired by tiki doki it will be cute.

  • bunabee
    bunabeeYear ago

    ohmygod nectarina is so adorable

  • Cookie And me 23
    Cookie And me 23Year ago

    The yellow one looks like flutter shy

  • Mari
    MariYear ago

    Kathrine: not a toy huh good luck telling that to the ftc me: pErIoD.😂

  • Pepe Popo
    Pepe PopoYear ago

    Wouldn't they be cute as dolls you should turn them into dolls♥️

  • The_regular_otaku
    The_regular_otakuYear ago

    Next Halloween I'd think it would be so cool to see a sugar skull themed doll

  • PrincessHoody
    PrincessHoodyYear ago

    My first unicornos was the Christmas Elf chaser

  • kevin h
    kevin hYear ago

    *kinki robot* me: h m . . .

  • JulyThe Gamer
    JulyThe GamerYear ago

    Idk why but i read "Todoroki" instead of TokiDoki ;-;...

  • xxxVioletlovesAnimexxx
    xxxVioletlovesAnimexxxYear ago

    These are like the cute kawii version of my little pony

  • Ninja girl 200
    Ninja girl 200Year ago

    Good video

  • OliveWolive
    OliveWoliveYear ago

    I just realized this was poster on my brithday hell yea

  • Kayla Zana
    Kayla ZanaYear ago

    The yellow unicorn looks like flutter shy from my little pony

  • CatBeLazy Spiffy
    CatBeLazy SpiffyYear ago

    I have Nectarina from sereis 8! She's so cute! With a soft felt mane, and her peach colors. She's so adorable.

  • MNarcissus
    MNarcissusYear ago

    I love the La catrina Unicorn. thats so cuteeee. nectarina looks like fluttershy. GIngerbread is my favorite in Christmas, i m a big cookie monster haha

  • Nona Chan
    Nona ChanYear ago

    I know what you mean, cannot help but buy one or two blind boxes, its a curse for us toys lovers, but it's fun watching people open them, would like to see you repaint a Tokidoki pony ^^ I have doubles and wish I could mail them to you as a gift ^^

  • Gabriel Adams
    Gabriel AdamsYear ago

    I’m probably not the only one but I really want to see the spiky bunny turned into a doll. I just want to see how someone would incorporate the spikes. Sorry I’m being annoying

  • wendy barraza
    wendy barrazaYear ago

    Are you selling dolls😁

  • Cloudy Star
    Cloudy StarYear ago

    I got the space one in the box 8

  • cheetomilk
    cheetomilkYear ago

    If only we had store's like that in the U.S. ;--;

  • Argiselle K
    Argiselle KYear ago


  • caia
    caiaYear ago

    Other people: *admiring the beautiful detail in peach unicorno* Kathrine: I like the bird in her hair ^__^

  • Gaming Geek
    Gaming GeekYear ago

    I actually have Cosmico

  • Amy
    AmyYear ago

    *me when she opened the pastel one* ITS FLUTTERSHYYYYYYYY

  • Amya Mitchell
    Amya MitchellYear ago

    you should make dolls for these unicornos like matching dolls... please take this into thought thanks love you

  • Julia Furman
    Julia FurmanYear ago

    Make a Zodiac sign serie pls

  • Elizabeth Maree
    Elizabeth MareeYear ago

    You should make a doll to pair with the bunny! ❤

  • Sassycat Chan
    Sassycat ChanYear ago

    I have never seen these now I need them all lol.

  • SugarBite
    SugarBiteYear ago

    She got all the ones that I wanted Xd

  • aseret xd
    aseret xdYear ago

    I have something like this but not so tall building in germany it has frozen Yogurt tooooo its Called Minto

  • Jesus
    JesusYear ago

    You could make the doll versions of these figurines for future videos!

  • RxdRoses
    RxdRosesYear ago

    Nectarina looks like fluttershy Like ya agree 😇

  • No Name
    No NameYear ago

    Becouse of you i'm a fangirl of tokidoki lol.. now i have alot of figurines, stickers, notebooks and agendas.. lol

  • Skinny _rat
    Skinny _ratYear ago

    I have mastered the sound in the beginning “pop pop!”

  • Elliotts- Vibes
    Elliotts- VibesYear ago

    Omg I just realized the peacharino looks like flutter shy especially because the bird

  • Elliotts- Vibes
    Elliotts- VibesYear ago

    I have a rainbow one with a popsicle cutie mark!